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Sophia Liao

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Paint

Paint: Harmful Chemical Substance?


Liquid substance that comes in a variety of colors

Applied to walls and other objects for protection/ decorative purposes

Dries to a solid finish

Harmful Chemicals
VOCs: Volatile Organic Compounds

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Properties of Paint
Pigments (for colour) Ex. Whitewash/whitening (Calcium Carbonate)

Binders/ Film Formers (holds pigment particles together)

Solvents (the liquid, so paint spreads evenly and penetrates into surface)
Types of Paint

Buying INTERIOR Paint
Milk paints: made from milk proteins

Natural paints: derived from citrus, minerals, etc

Latex paints: low biocides and VOCs levels

Remember to keep painted room well-ventilated!
good adhesion qualities = hard, durable finish
attractive, glossy finish
oxidizes, chips, and yellows over time
requires a longer time to dry

higher percent of VOCs (40%-60%)
Water-based/ latex:
dries quickly
good resistence to brittling/ crackling + good colour retention = lasts longer

lower percent of VOCs (5%-10%)
releases emissions that creates "bad" ozone = greenhouse gas effect and global warming

inhalation may lead to eye, nose, and throat irritations

long term health issues: kidney, heart, lung damage
Heavy Metals= High Toxicity Levels
Lead: added to increase durability, speed drying, and resist moisture

Chromium: used as paint primer for tough protective coating
Toxic Biocides
used to extend shelf life: kills microorganisms in paint

pollutes indoor air

if not disposed properly, can seep into ground water = hazardous contamination
Things To Look For:
Things to Avoid:
Ways to Lessen Harmfulness
Old cans: may contain mercury/ lead
Never pour paint down the drain (some of the chemicals can’t be treated/removed) results in water contamination

Never throw paint in the trash (not allowed in landfills) can contaminate ground water

Drop unused/leftover paint at a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility
Oil-based/solvent paints: high VOCs level
Brands to Try:
Low VOCs:
Cil Dulex Natural Whites
Benjamin Moore Paints
Milk Paints:
Homestead House
Recycled Paints:
Boomerang- Recycled Paint
Effects on the Environment
Buying EXTERIOR Paint
Lead can get into air, water, and soil

Soils near cities have higher lead concentration

Plants absorb metal dust through their leaves, and from soil

Acrylic paints

Latex-based paints

Recycled-water-based paints

Low VOCs
--> <250g/l or <380g/l

Low Biocides

Natural Pigments
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More Ciations
"Cobalt Yellow"
Potassium Cobalt Nitrate
"Cadmium Red"
Cadmium Sulphate /Cadmium Selenide
"Cerulean Blue"
Cobalt Stannate
By: Sophia, Marwa, Kanushan, & Guneet
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