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Under Armour Marketing

No description

Riley White

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of Under Armour Marketing

Under Armour Target Market - young athletic males and females - a little above average income - cool people who want to have fun - anyone who wants to be fit or become
better at the sport they play Product Under Armour sells sports equipment, accessories and clothing. They sell a huge variety of clothing including tops, bottoms, footwear and outerwear for men, women and children. They sell clothing that fits loose, compression, fit and regular. They have clothing for weather at below 13 degrees celsius (cold gear), in between 13 and 24 degrees (allseason gear) and over 24 degrees (heat gear). They sell clothing and equipment for over 14 sports. Their products are very high quality and have a premium price. Their design uses the Under Armour symbol which is the capital letters A and U combined. This logo is on almost all of their products. Their brand represents high quality sports apparel and equipment. Place Under Armour sells their products through outlets, other stores and online. They only sell in authorized dealer stores, factory houses or Under Armour specialty stores. The main way to purchase their product through stores is by authorized dealers like Sportmart. They ship online to most of the biggest countries on all continents. Price Under Armour prices their products very high but they also have a lot of sales. They have large sales and discounts on holidays like thanksgiving and Christmas. They also put a lot of their products on clearance when they don't sell well. Online if you purchase over $75.00 worth of their products they pay for your shipping and handling. Under Armour doesn't have any payment plans because most of the their products cost under $100. They accept cash, debit and credit cards at their retail stores. Promotion Under Armour does a lot of advertising using commercials, sponsorships and ads all over. They have some commercials on television and they advertise a lot in magazines and other forms of media. Under Armour also sponsers a lot of events like their Under Armour All America Lacrosse tournament. They sponser a wide variety of professional sports teams and players like Tyler Seguin. They also sponser many college sports teams like the Auburn Tigers. Under Armour has also sponsered some movies and TV shows like Any Given Sunday and The Challenge. They promote mainly through advertising but also through word of mouth. Sponsers How do the four P's match the target market? Under Armour's four P's match their target market perfectly. Their products are high quality and have a huge variety of products. Their target market is men and women with a higher income who want to be better at the sport that they play. Under Armour's product is very cool, flashy and innovative because that's what their target market is interested in. You can buy Under Armour in stores all over or online. Young men and women would buy their clothes online because they're on the internet very often. Under Armour's prices are above average and their target market is people with a larger income than most people. Under Armour promotes where their target market will see. They promote in places like sports magazines, on television and the internet. They sponser young, outstanding athletes and teams that their target market watches. Under Armour sponsers events that the people who want to buy their products are watching. Under Armour is a very profitable company because they're 4 P's match their target market very well.
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