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Izabella Rea

thames thames

on 27 September 2015

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Transcript of Miranda

•Miranda is made largely of ice with some rocky material closer to its center.
How old do you think Miranda is?
Some scientists believe that the moon Miranda was shattered by an impact from an asteroid, meteorite or comet.
Uranus's moon
orbits Uranus
discovered by Gerard P. Kuiper
February 16, 1948
icy surface fresh water with dust
My Moon

Miranda Facts
Miranda is the smallest moon of Uranus's other five moons. Miranda is a daughter of the magician Prospero in Shakespeare's The Tempest.
Miranda's surface is never the same it can be rocky or sometimes flat.

Length of Orbit: 1.4 days
Surface Temperature: 60 Kelvin
Diameter: 470 km ( A bit across the circle)
Weight : 6.6 x 10 ^19 kg
Miranda takes 84 Earth years to orbit the sun.
Miranda's temperature is -187°C very cold!
A) Same age as Earth
B) Less then the Earth
C) More then the Earth
How cold is it on Miranda?

A) 187 degrees C
B) -189 degrees C
C) -187 degrees C
These are really fun websites about space try them!

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