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Right Size Your Portions Webinar

Virtual Learning Series #5 by NCES, Inc.

Kelly Burgess

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Right Size Your Portions Webinar

Right Size Your Portions Objectives: Understand the evolution of portions List correct portion sizes of at least two foods in each of the five food groups. Portion Size Balance is Key What can I do today? How does your plate stack up? Portion Distortion Why the Increase? Portions have grown out of control! This has become the norm: Resulting in too many calories Studies show... We eat more when larger portions are served. Began in the 1970s JUST KEPT GROWING Why increase the size? Marketing scheme to get more customers more bang for your buck healthier portion YES Super Sized 1955 Portion Today's Portion 500% increase in size! How did this happen?? Normal serving sizes are hard to find. What your served... Evolution of Portions Servings have doubled, tripled, and sometimes even quadrupled in the past decade. Test Your Knowledge! How much have portion sizes increased in the past 20 years? A. Doubled
B. Tripled
C. Quadrupled
D. All of the above Test Your Knowledge! Following the START recommendations will allow for a healthy balanced diet. A. True

B. False What a serving should l k like What a serving actually l ks like Portion Distortion Main cause of obesity in America 62% believe portions are smaller today 30% more food eaten if served larger portions 78% say eating different foods is more important than eating less (American Institute for Cancer Research) Skewed Thinking? Balance is key! Calories in = Calories out 540 calories vs. 250 calories = Manage your weight with proper portions Portion Control Use everyday objects as a guide Visualize your portions Weigh and Measure It only takes 2 weeks to gain control of your weight! What can I do today? Share your meal for smaller portions Take home leftovers for a second meal
Restaurant servings can be 6 times larger than a normal serving Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
Strive for 5-9 servings each day Test Your Knowledge Weighing and measuring your food will help control your portions and manage your weight?

a. True

b. False Test Your Knowledge How much larger is the American dinner plate today than it was in the 1970’s?

a. 5%
b. 15%
c. 25%
d. 50% Test Your Knowledge What is the correct serving size of a steak or chicken breast?

a. 2 ounces
b. 3 ounces
c. 4 ounces
d. 6 ounces Test Your Knowledge For weight maintenance you must balance calories in with calories out?

a. True
b. False Test Your Knowledge How much have portion sizes increased in the past 20 years?

a. Doubled
b. Tripled
c. Quadrupled
d. All of the above Right Size Your Portions Visualize everyday objects on your plate and remove the excess Take Control! How can I control my portions?
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