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Sword Art Online

No description

Jake Sol

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Sword Art Online

Sword Art

Based off the Japanese Animation
Written by Reki Kawahara // By JakeSolivio
The Monomyth
of Sword Art Online
The Call to Adventure
On the first day of entering the Virtual Reality world of Sword Art Online, the 10,000 players within the game discover that they cannot log out, and are trapped in the game until they defeat the boss on the 100th floor. Since Kirito had previous experience as a beta tester for the game, he felt he could complete the game easily. Kirito begins on his adventure to the 100th floor, defeat the boss and free everyone from the virtual world.
Kirito purchases the long awaited Virtual Reality Multi-Massive Online Role Playing Game, Sword Art Online. With the Nerve Gear, a virtual reality helmet that stimulates the user's five senses via their brain, players can experience and control their
in-game characters with their minds. Kirito enters a whole new virtual world, with sights and possibilities beyond the real world in which he lived in.
Tests and Trials
Four months into the game, and 6 thousand out of the ten thousand players to start with remain. Kirito saves a girl who happens to be the leader of the Moonlit Cats guild, and is invited to join their guild. Kirito bonds with his new friends, especially Sachi, who confides in Kirito that she is afraid to die, and he promises her that he will protect her and that they will all be free one day. A month later, The Moonlit Cats guild enters a upper floor dungeon and is trapped in a room with much more stronger mobs. Kirito desperately tries to save his friends but they are killed. Thinking that he is responsible for his friends deaths, he vows to fulfill the promise he made to complete the game and free everyone from this world.
Tests and Trials
Before Kirito takes on the boss on the 59th floor, Kirito decides to leave on a side quest to find a stronger blade. Kirito arrives at the Blacksmith Liz's store, and tests the strength of her strongest sword, which his breaks easily. Angry and pride hurt, Liz persuades Kirito to accompany him to the Western Mountain on the 55th floor to retrieve a rare mineral to forge the sword. When they arrive, Kirito tells Liz to hide as he fights the Dragon, though she ignores his advice and emerges just as she believes the dragon is defeated. The dragon blasts her into a deep pit and Kirito jumps in to save her. In the pit, Liz discovers the Crystallite Ingot they are seeking in the Dragons Nest. The dragon returns and Kirito grabs Liz with him as he stabs the dragon's back, forcing it to carry them out of the pit and return to the surface where Kirito finishes off the dragon. Liz forges a brand new Crystallite Sword and denies payment and instead makes Kirito promise to win the game and free them all.
Tests and Trials
Kirito and Asuna (kiritos new girlfriend) arrive at the 74th floor and discover the Furinkazan Guild and the Aincrad Liberation Force fighting the floor boss Gleameyes. Asuna, Kirito and Klien, leader of the Furi guild, charge at the boss to protect the survivors. 45 minutes into the battle and over 80% of the men have died during the fight. Not wanting to see more people die, Kirito is forced to use his unique skill Dual Blades that he had been keeping a secret. With both blades in hand, Kirito unleashes a 16 hit barrage of deadly slashes to defeat Gleameyes before falling unconscious as his Health bar reaches the red zone. The 75th floor is now unlocked for players to explore.
The Supreme Oedeal
Two years have passed since Sword Art Online begun, and the 100th floor has finally been reached. A hundred of the strongest players from several guilds including Heathcliff, the strongest player in the game and branded as 'the immortal player', unite and gather to defeat the final boss. As they enter the room they are confronted by the Skull Reaper, a ferocious, skeletal monster capable of killing players in one hit. Kirito, Asuna and Heathcliff battle the creature head on while the other players flank it. After the Skull Reaper is defeated, with over sixty casualties, the game has not ended. Then Heathcliff reveals that he himself is the Final boss. Heath paralyses everyone except Kirito, then offers Kirito the chance to face in a one-on-one duel. Should Kirito win, all players would be freed from the game. Kirito accepts the challange but is unable to overcome Heath's godlike defense and intimate understanding of the game's mechanics. As Heath readies the finishing blow, Asuna takes the hit instead, losing all her HP and dies. Distraught by Asuna's death, Kirito loses the will to fight, and receives a fatal stab from Heath. However, at the point of death, Kirito remembers Asuna's belief in him and rematerialized to defeat Heathcliff dual wielding his and Asuna's sword.
The Return
Kirito awakenes high above the game world where he finds both Asuna and Akihiko, the creator of SAO. Akihiko informs Kirito that he has logged out all the other players as promised, aswell as explaing his motives for creating Sword Art Online before dissapearing. Kirito and Asuna then tell one another their real names, and discuss their plans for meeting in the real world, as they embrace each other as the virtual world falls apart.
The Reward
To his surprise, Kirito awakens in a hospital bed in the real world. A TV displays a news report that all the people trapped in SAO, have awakened. Despite being Physically weak, Kirito gets out of the bed, and sets off to search for the real Asuna
Elements of

An Imaginary Other World
The virtual reality of Sword Art Online takes place in a Castle within the sky, which consists 100 floors of all types of environment
A Quest
Kirito is on a Quest to reach the 100th floor of Aincrad and defeat the boss, to free all who are prevented from logging out of SAO
Dark Setting
Within the virtual reality, the bosses on each floor were deep in dungeons. Then dungeons were filled with monsters and traps
Monsters and Dragons
The Hunt for a Precious Object
A Happy Ending
An Epic Hero
Aincrad was full of monsters like any video game. Monsters were defeated to earn money, Items, and experience to improve your character's strength
Kazuto, otherwise known as Kirito in SAO, strives to be the best in order to defeat the final boss and free the players from the game.
In the real world, Kirito is a lame average teenager, though in SAO, Kirito is able to customize his appearance from what he looks like in reality
Kirito and Liz hunt for the rare mineral to forge the legendary blade that Kirito uses to defeat enemies throughout the story
In the end, Kirito defeats the boss, and finishes the game. All remaining two thousand players in the game are freed. Kirito is reunited with Asuna in the real world
"If we make it back to the real world, Ill find you again, and fall in love with you again." (298 Kawahara)
A huge castle that contained 100 floors, made of Stone and Steel, floating in the sky. (8 Kawahara)
Even if everything I saw right now was nothing more than a rendering of a 3D virtual reality the fact that I was fighting for my life didnt change. (45 Kawahara)
As the shocked players watched the skeletal centipede crawl along the ceiling, it suddenly spread its legs wide and dove straight into us ( 243 Kawahara)
Bluish white flames burned all across the floor. A huge figure stood in the center of all this. Its body shinisg as if it were made of metal. That was the Blue Demon, Boss of Floor 74: The Gleameyes (319 Kawahara)
The fight against the two-headed giant hydra on the 25th floor virtually annihilated the Elite Troops (173 Kawahara)
The Demonic servant stood two meters tall, surrounded by an eerie blue light, and held a huge straight sword, though didnt have a single muscle, despite that, its strength stat was very high which made it a hard monster to fight (121 Kawahara)
When the boss monster's huge body shattered into countless shards, ... ( 332 Kawahara)
The blade rushed in from the left, leaving a trail of bright blue light, ... My sword dissolved into a streak of light, changed its course in midair, and scraped along his shield before piercing his chest. (261 Kawahara)
She gave me a teleporting crystal, allowing me to travel between floors easier. (97 Kawahara)
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