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Organization Culture

No description

Samad Qureshi

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Organization Culture

Organization Culture
Group Team Members
Abdul Samad Qureshi (4314037)
Ali Asghar (3473211)
George Abraham (4591665)
Hiba El Sharu (2899243)
Kawthar Ali Jasmi (4433415)
Seif Ali Nassor (4700090)

Organization Culture
Characteristics of Organizational Culture
How Employees Learn Culture

What is Organizational Culture?
Organizational Culture refers to a system of shared meaning held by members that distinguishes the organization from other organizations.
Defines what is important & unimportant in the company & directs every one in the organization towards “right way” of doing things.
Some author called it DNA & some soul of the organization. It is invisible to naked eyes, yet a powerful template that shapes what happens in the workplace.

Elements of Organizational Culture
Innovation and risk taking
Attention to details
Outcome orientation
People orientation
Team orientation

Characteristics of Organizational Culture
Stories which circulate through organizations in present and past, and explain the organizational practices.
Dr. Catherine Todd,
Assistant Professor, B.Eng Hons, PhD UOW
Dr Mohamed Watfa,
Associate Professor, UOWD
Simple, repetitive behaviors or programmed routines of daily organizational life that dramatize the organization's culture.



Have unspoken rules (i.e., don't mess up the seating arrangement)

Have symbolic strength - deeply embedded in the culture.
How a task or day is started with any activity?

How visitors are greeted?

How often senior executive visit subordinates?

How employees communicate with each other?

How much time employees take for lunch and other non work related activities?
How Employees Learn Culture
Rituals & Ceremonies
Material Symbols
The woman who ran nonstop from Dubai to Fujairah

UOWD professor wins US$ 150,000 prize in reality show

UOWD Professor and world’s toughest footrace challenge
Planned activities conducted specifically for the benefit of an audience, firms deliberately use ceremonies to reinforce and communicate the organization's core values

Publicly rewarding employees,

Celebrating the launch of a new product or newly won contract.

Creates shared identity

Bring team members external into the family

Stimulate the emotions and reduces anxiety

Reinforce desired behaviors

an office that recreates the feel of a Facebook page

Material symbols convey to employees who is important, the degree of equality desired by top management, and the kinds of behavior that are expected and appropriate. 

Examples of material symbols include the layout of an organization's facilities, how employees dress, the types of automobiles provided to top executives.
Some theorists, such as Gagliardi (1996), have proposed that our unconscious reading of symbols is a way of thinking and a form of communication that is more basic than conscious cognition.

Symbol that prompts internalized feelings provides a way to understand and act upon those feelings. Thus symbol serves as a link between feeling, interpretation, and action in organizations.
Language is the human capacity for acquiring and using complex systems of communication.

Language definition in terms of OB : Languages are used in organizations to help members identify with the culture, attest to their acceptance of it and preserve it. 

Unique terms describe new equipment, products, officers, key individuals suppliers & customers.
Develops trust amongst employees of the organizations

Unite members of a given culture, subculture

Feeling of pride.
Accelerated Application Development Approach (AADA) vs Rapid Application Development (RAD)

DART (Daily Activity Report Tracking)


Boeing Online Data (BOLD)

Computer Aided Three-D Interactive Application (CATIA),

Fox executive fired after using company email to plan aid to kin of missing Malaysian plane’s passengers.

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