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5 themes of Geography...Italy

No description

Meagan Stickney

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of 5 themes of Geography...Italy

5 themes of Geography...Italy
Thank You!
Absolute location: Latitude- 43° North
Longitude- 12° East

Relative location: Italy is surrounded by Switzerland, Austria, and Croatia. It is on the West of the Tyrrhenian Sea.
Italians eat lots of fish because they are surrounded by water. They also build houses accordingly the land forms.
People in Italy use cars and trains to get around. But in certain places such as Venice they have water ways. They get around by boats and gondolas.
Formal Regions: There are many formal regions. Some of them include Sicily, Calabria, Basilicata, and Campania.
Human Characteristics

Italy has a population of 61,482,297. The most common jobs in Italy are engineering, accounting, finance, sales and marketing, and cultural and general business. All the buildings were built to be some form of art. Italy is over 95 percent Catholic.

Landforms: Italy is by the Alps, the Po-venetian Plain, Apennines, and Mt. Vesuvius.
Climate: The average temperature is 15.8°C which is equivalent to 60°F.
Physical Characteristics
Italy makes lots of wine, footwear, and various types of stones for building. These items are shipped out to many different countries through the Mediterranean Sea and other surrounding bodies of water.
Northern Italy
Central Italy
Southern Italy
Perceptual Region
This picture shows Italy's Relative Location.
This gives you an idea of what houses look like, and how they are built accordingly to landforms.
People use gondolas on a regular basis to get around Venice, Italy.
A ship sending goods to many
different countries from Italy.
These are all the formal regions throughout Italy.
These are where the three Perceptual Regions are located throughout Italy.
This is the Orvieto Cathedral in
Umbria, Central Italy.
Mt. Vesuvius located on
the Gulf of Naples
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