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1900's Technological Advances

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Amber Strickland

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of 1900's Technological Advances

1900-1909 Technological Advances
The Air Conditioner (July 17, 1902)
Invented by Willis Carrier with the intentions of finding a solution for a printing company in Brooklyn that was having problems: Its paper was expanding and contracting because of changes in air temperature.
The Ford Model T
Invented by Henry Ford in 1908 with the purpose of making buying a car more affordable. He did not invent the first car, but he invented the Ford Model T, which made car buying a cheaper purchase.
The Air Plane
The first air plane was invented by Orville and Wilbur Wright in 1903.
The Invention of the Lie Detector
It was not aimed at human comfort, but it did help control the humidity in the printing company.
Some pros could be that it regulated air temperatures as well as amount of humidity in the workplace. Some cons would be that the first air conditioner units were very large, very expensive, and extremely dangerous because the ammonia that was used was highly toxic.
By: Amber Strickland and Anna Kate Souther
An ethical issue of the air conditioner would be that it decreased the amount of heat tolerance someone had. The longer you're inside, the hotter it feels outside, making going outside dreadful at times.
The earliest lie detector was invented by James McKenzie in 1902.
The previous ways to extract the truth were to torture the suspect. This invention would replace jury deliberations and police interrogations. It would lend a hand in finding he thieves and catching spies.
Because the price for buying a Ford Model T was more affordable, many more people could buy a car.
Everyday life got safer, as people were discovering the truths that had been hidden.
Before, people would have to get jobs closer to where they live to save the trouble of transportation. People now weren't just able to drive to other towns and cities for their jobs, they could go on vacations and to dinner at new places. Tourism went up after the cars were made. Also, the Ford Model T was a product off of the assembly line, which made for an easier and more efficient workplace.
By measuring the changes in breathing, blood pressure, pulse and perspiration, finding the truth became easier and more efficient
Con: technology is not always reliable
Pro: Helps defense and law enforcement in relative cases
The air plane allowed people to fly from place to place easier and faster by changing the way of travel.
The invention of the airplane lead to not only easier travel but sky high warfare. This made bombing large areas and seeing things from an aerial view much easier work
Many people who had to drive to work depended on the Ford Model T. This caused issues for the workplace because if the car would not crank, it would make them late for work.
Pros: Safe, can get to remote areas, and fastest way of travel.
Cons: Air sickness, burns lots of fuel, pollution effects ozone layer, causes global warming.
There wasn't a lawsuit, but there was evidence that the Wright Brother's were NOT first in flight! Bridgeport Connecticut is were Gustav White flew 40 ft into the air for half a mile two years before the Wright brothers-=-
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