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Success and Stereotypes

No description

Kimberly Eyers

on 13 September 2016

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Transcript of Success and Stereotypes

What is success?
What leads to success?
Brainstorm as a group all the things that make a person successful.

Some answers will make sense for everyone, and some will be unique.
Poem by kateri akiwnzie-damm
a generalization about a group of people.
Charlie Hill and Stereotypes
How does Charlie Hill use stereotypes to make us laugh? Is this helpful? Why or why not?
Success and Stereotypes
History, Identity and Success
our history informs our identity
what has happened to our (grand)parents effects how they raise us
role models are an important factor for success.
Success and Expectations
What expectations is the author meeting?
What expectations is she subverting?

Is she successful? How? Why?

Ethnocentrism and Stereotypes
What can we do to change negative stereotypes?

Why is telling individual stories important?
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