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BSA Citizenship in the World

No description

James Harris

on 31 May 2014

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Transcript of BSA Citizenship in the World

Citizenship in the World
How do you fit in the WORLD?
Are you a Citizen?
What are some of the ways we interact and depend on other countries?
“A citizen is a native or naturalized person who owes allegiance to a specific nation and is entitled to its government’s protection”
Trade (Made in China
My duty as a Citizen
Free Speech = Allow public discussion of ideas
Becoming a USA Citizen
Immigration – Leaving a natural country for the USA
Requirements to become a US Citizen
What can I do to welcome others when they come to this country?
Citizenship in the USA vs. Others
World Citizenship
What does citizenship in the world mean to you?
“We all have responsibility to respect cultural diversity and the rights of other governments.”

Ideas (LEGO)
Competition (World Cup)
Security (France & the American Revolution)
What are our RIGHTS as Citizens?
Freedom of Religion
Fair Trial
Freedom of the Press
Freedom of Speech
Freedom of the Press = Stay informed on country events
Freedom of Religion = Allow others to worship how they may
Right to Vote = Exercise voting through informed decisions
Fair Trail = Serve on a Jury
The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services issues immigrant Visas for Lawful Permanent residents (LPRs)
As a legal resident immigrants can stay in the US indefinitely, have a job, sponsor family members for immigration.
They must pay taxes but cannot vote.
To become a full citizen they have to apply.
Take a test on US history and government operation
Valid visa
Demonstrate an understanding of English
- Bear arms in armed forces if required
- Give up any foreign allegiance
- Support the constitution and obey the laws
Take an oath of allegiance to:
Pass a naturalization interview
How do you act when you travel to another country?
What if their laws are different?
World Event: Crimea
What about:
Health of citizens?

How did Russia's National Interest, History, Other Country Relationships effect this event?
China: The Next World Super Power
How Do China's : Geography, Natural Resources, Climate Affects its:
1. Economy
2. Global Partnerships?
International Law
Conventions and Treaties – Formal agreements between states (nations). Example: Formalized weights and measures used for trade
International Court of Justice – Arm of United Nations
ICJ is difficult to enforce and often only takes cases where both countries agree to abide by the ruling
National Law vs. International Law
“To conduct research and generate action to prevent and end grave abuses of human rights, and to demand justice for those whose rights have been violated”
Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) focused on human rights with 3 million members around the world.
Rights of women, children, minorities, indigenous people, refugees, prisoners
Ending torture
Abolition of death penalty
Protection of human dignity
Founded in 1945 after WWII to replace the League of Nations to stop wars between countries and provide a platform for dialogue
UN Goals:
Protect Peace
Promote cooperation in solving international political, economic, social, cultural, and humanitarian problems
Government Types
All power in one ruler
(dictator, king, monarch) -
Saudi Arabia
All power in one group (political party, junta, elites) - China
All power in the hands of the majority of citizens - Canada
Limited power is in the hands of elected representatives – United States
All power in hands of religious leader(s) – Vatican City
Constitutional vs Not
We have a constitution… just like you…
Real constitutional governments must be bound by 3 things:
1. Limited Power
2. Higher Law
3. Constitutional Stability
Representation Abroad
International visitors –
business people, tourists, students, athletes, activists, humanitarians
U.S. Department of State
Bureaus – Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Bureau of International Information Programs, Bureau of Consular Affairs
U.S. Agency for International Development
Embassy – headquarters of diplomatic relations
International Representatives
Personal representative of the government – to communicate to the country and gather information
Protect traveling citizens
United States and Foreign Commercial Service
Promotes export of goods and services – We love Capitalism
Traveling Internationally
Official document from your country certifying your citizenship and allows you to travel to and from your country
Permit from another country to enter into that country
Political Counselor U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv
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