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Sports management

Groupe C Semestre 2

Reda Bennani

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Sports management

Sports Management
I- Definition of Sports Management & Sports Marketing
II- What does a sport manger do ?
III- Requirements of a sport manager
IV- How to be a good sport manager ?
V- Sports management in Morocco
a- Specialized Master at Institute of Business and companies administrations
b- Royal Institute of Professional Training
c- Interactive sports management
d- Ecosport ENCG-C
VI- Conclusion

How to be a good sports manager ?
Sports management in Morocco
It provides training for managers and senior technicians, particularly in the fields of sport, youth and children.
• Disseminate the managerial concept of sport, whether is be in the school or elsewhere.
• Manage and organize the sport.
• Promoting university sports and women's sports.
• Contribute to the training of future managers of sporting winners ENCGC, pushing them to be more active in the framework of a participatory approach to the club activities
• Involve all students in the school at the managerial concept of sports, not just students studying Sport Management.
• Organize sports events.
What does a sport manager do ?
Sports management is a field of education and vocation concerning the business aspect of sport. Some examples of sport managers include the front office system in professional sports, college sports, managers, recreational sport managers, sports marketing, event management, facility management, and sports information.
The specific duties of a sports manager can vary depending on the particular job, though he is usually responsible for all business and management aspects of a team. Sports managers can be employed by community organizations, educational institutions, or professional teams, so they can have a wide variety of responsibilities.

Sports Marketing is a form of marketing in which brands use mainstream or alternative sports to connect with both a broad and/or targeted group of consumers.
The Specialized Master Sport Management proposes to prepare managers and executives of sports organizations, elite athletes preparing their conversion and business executives to acquire the tools, techniques and methods in management as well as those related to organization of events.
Requirements for a sports manager
Sports Marketing
There are many different avenues to take to become a sports manager, but there are a few common advantages that help someone get hired to manage. Many sports managers have a college degree in a field that is related to managing, such as a business, marketing, or law degree.
- Good sports manager must be willing to work whatever hours it takes to complete a task
- Good sports manager must be organized
- Good sports manager need to develop technological skills

This is from the Royal Letter for Sport at the national conference of the Sport 24 October 2008 , the management of sport in Morocco took its meaning. His Majesty King Mohammed VI has pointed malfunctions Moroccan sport system and a new impetus in the organization and promotion of the sport in Morocco .

Ecosport was created in 2012 by students of the National School of Commerce and Management Casablanca. Creating Ecosport result of the willingness of these students to promote university sports and animate student life within the ENCG Casablanca.
Today, the club undertakes to organize a sports festival annually to promote university sports and forge strong links between university students.
The National School of Commerce and Management Casablanca (ENCG-C) is a great Moroccan school, part of the University Hassan II - Mohammedia in Morocco.
Located in the industrial and business district Ain Sebâa the economic capital of Morocco, the National School of Commerce and Management Casablanca (ENCGC) trains managers in the areas of business and management, resulting in trades accounting and finance, human resources management, audit and control management and management consulting organizations.
The University Sports Forum will bring together 260 university students to compete in several sports.
The objective is to make this event a great celebration of sport, and promote physical activity and sport culture among university students. The University Sports Forum is also an opportunity to create bonds of brotherhood between students in different cities.
Sport Management brings together all the knowledge related to the management of a sports organization whether local, national or international dimension. In this case, and it is not unique to Morocco , the areas of expertise of a sports manager must be multifaceted .
Sport has become a social phenomenon. It works and interacts with the political, economic and socio-cultural worlds.
Presented By :
Sabek Oumaima
Zahi Salma
Bourial Hamza
Salah Bennani Reda
Thank you for your attention
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