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Dear Lynda: Happy Birthday!

From Class 1992 of Beijing Forestry University.

Forest Yu

on 29 June 2011

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Transcript of Dear Lynda: Happy Birthday!

--The best memory recap, a great writing! -- Greetings from GuangDong, excellent work done by Phoebe and her talented daughter. --Seems a beginning of a novel; obviously Lynda had great influence to Moses' whole life... Happy Birthday!!! --See the excellent summary, from A Leader ! Finally, Here is a Greeting
from former US President: ---From very Northeast, with cheerful spirit ! --The romantic color and warm greeting from Beijing --An unique Canadian greeting and relaxed sentimental. From Rosa ZhouYan in Ji Nan --With gifted daughter's decorating assistance, this looks beautiful ! From Jiao YuYing in WuXi From Gao YanMe in Beijing From Ding CuiYing in Da Lian From An Ran --Good handwriting and best wishes from Northwest! --10 years before ! :) :) :) My Graduation Yearbook TO YOU !!! -- the only one written by left hand, and also to challenge your Chinese! --The most efficient and creative forerunner! --The most inspiring work done in bed with a bad cold ! From An Jie in GanSu Happy Birthday!!! From Xiao Rong in UK --Very Informatic from the blessed lady. From Linda LiYan in LA From Liu Ji Wei in Beijing A sincere voice from heart Excellent work done by Phoebe and Her Talented Daughter From Phoebe Zhu YaHong in Guang Zhou From Moses Zhang WanLi in KunMing From Prof. BaoHui at BJFU From Cheng Lan: From YuYing From Pu WeiBin in ZheJiang
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