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Forensic Odontology

No description

Jonathan Rodriguez

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of Forensic Odontology

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Cont'd ...
("How is odontology used to solve crimes?," 2007)
Forensic Odontology Vocabulary
Investigators searched for answers in the brutal 1984 murder of an elderly Milwaukee woman. Their only clue: the bite wounds on her body. When the case came to trial, prosecuting attorney Daniel Blinka called Dr. L. Thomas Johnson to the stand. As a forensic odontologist, Johnson found similarities between the suspect’s teeth and the victim’s wounds. His testimony helped put the man behind bars.

The case’s unusual particulars forced Blinka to chart new legal ground.

“Nobody in the state of Wisconsin had done a bite mark rape-murder case like this one before,” says Blinka, now a Marquette law professor. “And in fact, almost no case in the nation had ever been developed where the bite mark identification was the sole means of identification. So we were really reinventing the wheel.
Lisa Levy and Martha Bowman were brutally assualted and raped in a Florida State University Frat House
A notorious criminal he wiped the room of fingerprints and other evidence but made a mistake..

What is Forensic Odontology?
Works Cited
Forensic Odontology
By: Jonathan Rodriguez
A brief introduction on Forensic Odontology

Forensic odontology is the application of dental science to legal investigations, primarily involving the identification of the offender by comparing dental records to a bite mark left on the victim or at the scene. Dental records may also be used in the identification of human remains.
Criminals have been known to leave bite mark impressions at the crime scene, whether it be in food, chewing gum or, more commonly, on the victim. When a bite mark is discovered, numerous steps should be taken. Once the mark has been sufficiently photographed, a saliva sample is taken from the area for potential DNA evidence. Casts or moulds can then be made. If another bite impression is found elsewhere or if a teeth impression is taken from a suspect, a comparison can be made.
The first forensic odontologist in the United States was Dr. Paul Revere who identified the extremed body of Dr. Joseph Warren, a revolutionary the British in 1775 through a bridge of silver and ivory that he had constructed two years previously.
Dental evidence was first accepted in the United States court in the Webster - Parkman case.
History behind Forensic Odontology
Identification by teeth is not new. It goes back as far back as 66 A.D. at the time of Nero. As the story goes, Nero's mother, Agrippina, had her soldiers kill Lollia Paulina, with instructions to bring back her head as proof that she was dead. Agrippina, unable to positively identify the head, examined the front teeth and on finding the discolored front tooth confirmed the identity of the victim.
During the U.S. Revolutionary War, none other than Paul Revere - a young dentist - helped identify war casualties by their bridgework. Teeth are highly resistant to destruction and decomposition, so dental identification can be made under extreme circumstances.

Types of Teeth:
Canines - a pointed tooth between the incisors and premolars of a mammal, often greatly enlarged in carnivores.
Incisors - any of the four anterior teeth in each jaw, used for cutting and gnawing.
Molars - a grinding tooth at the back of a mammal's mouth.
Premolars - a tooth situated between the canine and the molar teeth. An adult human normally has eight, two in each jaw on each side.
Other Terms:
Cementum - a thin layer of bony material that fixes teeth to the jaw.
Dentin - hard, dense, bony tissue forming the bulk of a tooth beneath the enamel.
Enamel - hard white substance covering the crown of a tooth.
Eruption - is a process in tooth development in which the teeth enter the mouth and become visible.
Milk Teeth - any of a set of early, temporary teeth in children or young mammals that fall out as the permanent teeth erupt.
Periodontics - the branch of dentistry concerned with the structures surrounding and supporting the teeth.

Cases Involving Bite Marks
Good Ol Ted Bundy
Analyze of a Bite in a Crime Scene
Bite Marks on Food
Bite Mark Analysis
Tooth eruption
Types of Teeth
Work Cited Continued
What was his mistake?
He bit Lisa Levy on her buttock which allowed Odontologists to investigate.

He also left sperm samples and blood.
So What Happens?
Mr. Bundy was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle
Police got a search warrant that forced Bundy to give a dental impression
The imprint was an identical match to the one left on Lisa Levy's buttock
Bundy had a notorious track record and was sentenced to death in the electric chair.
Irish Republican Army Case
Billy Craig and his father were both shot by IRA hitman
Only evidence left was a partly eaten apple and empty cartridges
So how was this case solved?
Due to Forensic Odontology the apple proved to be very valuable.
Upon further examinations scientists discovered that the killer had a deformed jaw.
Forensic scientists were then able to make accurate assumptions that the killer had
a large nose
a high forehead
was very tall and thin
and breathing difficulties
So what happened?

The police happened to find a suspect who was very close to this description.
A cast was taken of the suspect teeth and it was an identical match!
Long story short the IRA hitman had to serve 7 consecutive life sentences!!

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