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Pretty People Project

No description

Brendon Cavainolo

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Pretty People Project

Inquiry Research Project
By: Spencer Adkins
Sam Beatson
Brendon Cavainolo
Kayla Lodge

'Cosmetic surgery is mere vanity.'
'Cosmetic surgery is a mere vanity.' Discuss.
(C)laim/Student Idea:
Cosmetic surgery is used as an unneeded modification to enhance human features.
In the United States, entertainment and news media glorify nearly impossible body images, thus encouraging people to receive cosmetic surgeries and increase one's vanity to keep up with the latest trends in fashion.
(E)xplain/Concrete (E)VIDENCE
Generally attractive actors or actresses, such as Jennifer Lawrence (left) or Robert Downey Jr. (right), are often promoted by the media and entertainment industry. The consumers of these industries then are accustomed to a certain kind of attractiveness, which encourages more people to receive plastic surgery in a sense of vanity.
only the U.S.,
other countries across the world
encourage cosmetic surgery as mere vanity.
(E)xplanation/Concrete (E)VIDENCE
There are international medical schools that teach cosmetic surgery, such as Ankara University in Turkey, not to mention the people in other countries who also receive cosmetic surgery as a vanity because of the influence of cultures.
Cosmetic Surgery
Cosmetic surgery can be used as a
means to treat physical ailments such as burns or scars.
Concrete (E)VIDENCE
(E)xplain/Concrete (E)VIDENCE
Victims of acid attacks (seen on the left) in India and other countries are treated by cosmetic surgeries that restore their faces to nearly what they looked like prior to the attacks.
Other cultures, much like the United States, can be influenced to get cosmetic surgery based on the attractive qualities of the models and celebrities of their country. Examples of such leading figures are Heidi Klum, a German model, fashion designer, and actress, and Fabio Lanzoni, an Italian model and actor who appeared on the covers of many romance novels.
(E)xplain/Concrete (E)VIDENCE
Birth defects, such as the cleft chin seen on the left, are also treatable by cosmetic surgery.
Cosmetic Surgery is
a mere vanity, 'Discuss'
Cosmetic surgery helps people improve their self-image and gives them a confidence boost as well.
Liposuction and other similar cosmetic surgeries allow both men and women to have a better self-image.
(E)xplain/Concrete (E)VIDENCE
A liposuction (before and after seen on left) is a technique in cosmetic surgery for removing excess fat from under the skin by suction. It results in much less visible body fat and can improve one's image and self-confidence.
Related Medical Prompts
'The way we dress reveals who we are'
How true is this?
Are there any aspects of fashion that you would
Can celebrity culture ever provide
role models?
Discursive Thesis
While cosmetic surgery is used as a means to treat victims of accidents or health issues, it is also used for other purely cosmetic reasons to make one look more appealing.
(+) - Is vanity

- Is not vanity
People receive cosmetic surgery for a number of reasons, including physical ailments, birth defects, and a number of other reconstructive reasons.
However, others receive cosmetic surgery to make themselves look more attractive or for other unnecessary purposes.
Broad Terms
Cosmetic Surgery - surgery for aesthetic purposes that may or may not affect one's health.
Laser hair removal
Arm, thigh, face, neck lift
Tummy tuck
Spider vein treatment
Breast or Buttock augmentation
Body contouring after weight loss
Chin or Ear surgery
Vanity - excessive pride in or admiration of one's own appearance.
Limiting Terms
Mere - nothing more
'Cosmetic Surgery is a mere vanity.' Discuss.
of prompt is it?
'Cosmetic Surgery is
Cosmetic surgery is a mere vanity. "Discuss"
However, people who receive cosmetic surgeries find themselves more desirable, hence making it an act of vanity.
(C)LAIM/ Student Idea:
Cosmetic surgery is a mere vanity "discuss"
People who are bullied may also use cosmetic surgery to become more socially acceptable in today's society.
'Cosmetic surgery is mere vanity'. Discuss.
(C)laim/Student Idea:
Although some use plastic surgery to keep up with trends, cosmetic surgery is also used to help people who were harmed in an accident or born with a birth defect.
Children all around the United States of America are getting slight cosmetic adjustments to their ears and nose. These are used as a prevention to bullying with new socially acceptable size. In the chart on the left name calling/insults is the most used bulling form and the spreading of rumors is the fourth most used. Both of these types of bullying can relate to abnormal physical attributes which would lead to cosmetic alteration surgery.
The most common cosmetic surgeries for younger patients are ear and nose adjustments.
Due to media, people who receive cosmetic surgery see themselves as more desirable and therefore leading to pride in one's appearance.
Many women undergo breast or buttock augmentation because they find a more curvy body to be desirable. This idea is influenced through media by events such as the Victoria Secret fashion show that is broadcast every year as well as commercials for this brand of clothing. Magazines encourage women that they are more desirable with a flat stomach or lean thighs as well so women receive
liposuction as an act of vanity too.
"When Is Cosmetic Surgery the Answer to Bullying?"
© 2015 ABC News Internet Ventures
4 April 2011. web 15 April 2015<http://abcnews.go.com/Health/cosmetic-surgery-answer-bullying/story?id=13255540&singlePage=true>
"Cosmetic Procedures"
Copyright © 2015 American Society of Plastic Surgeons
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"What Plastic Surgery Can--Do for You"
Copyright © 1998-2015 HowStuffWorks
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Expert Opinion
"While cosmetic plastic surgery is perfect for fine-tuning a flawed body part — and providing a bonus self-esteem boost for some — it's no primrose path to a beautiful existence. It's true that plastic surgery can profoundly affect how people think and relate to the world around them, but it's real surgery, not like getting your hair cut."
-Patrick Hudson, M.D,
Cosmetic surgery is not mere vanity. Some people may use cosmetic surgery as vanity but since it can be used for medical purposes, such as facial recontruction, disqualify it from being a "mere" vanity. Also since some people just want to feel socially acceptable and can not be blamed for wanting to feel comfortable in their own skin. Cosmetic surgery cannot be restrained to "mere" vanity unless it is used as Dr. Hudson states, like "getting your hair cut".
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