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"Real Life Vampires"

The subcultures of Vampires in America

Jordan Dillard

on 6 December 2010

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Transcript of "Real Life Vampires"

"Psychic Vampire" "Real Life" Vampires A psychic vampire is a person or being who claims to feed off the "life force" of other living creatures. In mythology
The concept of psychic vampirism appears in the mythology of many cultures, just as do blood-drinking vampires. Regions where belief in psychic vampires is common include Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Balkans and rural South America. Some North American Indian cultures, such as the Hopi, also share this belief. 'psychic vampire' can be interpreted to represent the issue of social parasitism applied to spiritually or emotionally weak persons; those who appear to "drain" strength from others. "Sanguinarian Vampire" Active vampirism within the vampire subculture includes both sanguinarian vampirism, which involves blood consumption, and psychic vampirism, whose practitioners believe they are drawing spiritual nourishment from auric or pranic energy. Sanguinarian Vampires are "blood suckers that claim to feed on the blood of consenting donors. Doctors caution that ingesting or donating blood without the proper medical equipment is very dangerous, as it puts participants at risk for infectious diseases like HIV and hepatitis. Despite what some outside entities believe (such as radical elements of the Christian church), no sanguinarians consider themselves a religious cult and some find the accusation offensive, since they believe their condition is natural and is not belief driven. Many sanguinarians have their own religious paths (Christianity, Buddhism, Wicca, et cetera) completely separate to their status as a sanguinarian.

"Within vampyrism are found followers of all of the major religions, as well as secularists, freethinkers, and followers of alternate spiritualities."
"Hybrid Vampires" "Hybrid Vampires are a combination of both Psychic and Sanguinarian Vampires" There are many modern day vampires that claim to be hybrids.
Don Henrie of San Diego is a real, live vampire - well, as close as you can get. He sleeps all day, has had his teeth filed and drinks human blood in closely-guarded rituals. He also stars in Mad Mad House - a new reality show where guests have to live with Henrie: a witch, a naturalist, a voodoo priestess and a 'modern primitive' who likes to hang himself from skin hooks.
Don Henrie Through the years, the mythology of the vampire has been embraced and celebrated by individuals through art, books, and films. Today, the modern-day vampire subculture has evolved into a diverse community. They are everywhere People who identify as vampires often meet at underground clubs. There is a chapter or "clan" in just about every major city. Here in atlanta they may be members of the AVA, in New York city they may be members of the House of Hidden Shadows. They are a part of many professions; like Attorneys, fashion models, teachers, even your local nurse. Some self-described vampires have formed councils and associations through which they network with one another. They say they are convinced they are different from the normal humans they call "mundanes" and hope one day medical science will find out why. <object id="flashObj" width="486" height="412" classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" codebase="http://download.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version=9,0,47,0"><param name="movie" value="http://c.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f9?isVid=1" /><param name="bgcolor" value="#FFFFFF" /><param name="flashVars" value="videoId=33804663001&playerID=2441023001&playerKey=AQ~~,AAAAAFif1zs~,HOg5vNGW0TIBo6eV2AIpHfaqwfy2rSg0&domain=embed&dynamicStreaming=true" /><param name="base" value="http://admin.brightcove.com" /><param name="seamlesstabbing" value="false" /><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true" /><param name="swLiveConnect" value="true" /><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always" /><embed src="http://c.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f9?isVid=1" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" flashVars="videoId=33804663001&playerID=2441023001&playerKey=AQ~~,AAAAAFif1zs~,HOg5vNGW0TIBo6eV2AIpHfaqwfy2rSg0&domain=embed&dynamicStreaming=true" base="http://admin.brightcove.com" name="flashObj" width="486" height="412" seamlesstabbing="false" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowFullScreen="true" swLiveConnect="true" allowScriptAccess="always" pluginspage="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/index.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash"></embed></object> These are quotes collected from various and unknown sources from books, to blogs, to forums. “Vampirism is something which infiltrates the heart and consumes the soul until nothing else matters but what you are. There is no mercy.”

“We feel things differently, see things differently, experience life differently.”

“I think vampyres are a lot like people, except they should/or do live in a world of: mystery and fabrications…one of no boundaries but the ones they place on themselves.”

“Just like real people, only they can see things and do things that others can’t. They have the same choices others do, but are more deep in the choices made.”

“Vampires are people who understand things and feel things the way the rest of the world doesn’t. Vampires savor the essence of life, be it blood or pranic energy. Vampires feel emotions differently and more potently, whether they understand what they feel or not. They are strong, emotional, understanding beings…”

“Powerful. Other than that, I don’t know. All I have to go on is what I feel and I can’t seem to put that into words.”

“Vampires are able to live with greater intensity and depth of experience than the typical human.”

“I think they are seductive, passionate people, who find beauty in the dark side of life.”

“Deep, in touch with ourselves, beyond most narrow-minded people’s way of thinking.”

“We have the most sensual, beautiful, and passionate souls out of the many different people that walk this backward earth.”

“They feel pain, love, passion, angst, any emotion, deeper than any other. They know what it is to feel true loneliness, yet at the same time they yearn for it.”
The easiest way to sum up the modern day vampire is by saying that, broadly speaking, they are incapable of producing enough energy of their own and so have to "steal" it from others. Now this is an extremely simplistic statement and many would disagree with it on many angles, but it's a starting point for trying to understand the vampyric condition. Vampires do not just drink blood to survive, although there are those that physically need (as oppose to crave or have an addiction to) to consume blood in order to stay healthy. Many combine the consuming of blood with more direct forms of energy usage; which may come from human, animal or more elemental or natural sources. There are also those who, while not strictly speaking vampires, follow a lifestyle that they feel appropriate to that of the vampire but which is often heavily influenced by the media portrayals of the vampire and has little to do with the actual reality of being a vampire.

There is no set "look" for a vampire although many do seem drawn to the gothic way of dress and expression. The first person you meet when you walk out of your door could well be a vampire and you would have no idea. Although it is true to say that many are of a paler skintone than those from the same region, often they are extremely charismatic and people are drawn to them without either party really knowing why and they are also slower to show the physical changes that ageing brings.

There is no way of knowing just by looking at someone that they are a vampire and, in my personal opinion, if they run around telling everyone that they meet that they are indeed a vampire then the chances are they aren't; it tends to be more in the way of a "dirty little secret" and this is for good reason..................after all, do you really want to spend the rest of your life in a lunatic asylum?

The vampire is as human as the next person in the supermarket queue. Although it is fair to say that many have major superiority complexes and come across as exceedingly arrogant and belittling of their fellow man; commonly referring to humanity as cattle and so forth does nothing to prevent people from assuming that they are in some way sub or preter-human. Like anyone else they have jobs to hold down, relationships to nurture and the same old chores, problems and elations as everyone else in the human race.

However, many refer to their vampirism as "the beast or the devil within" and this is the intrinsic piece which sets them apart from other members of the human race. Whilst their is the argument that this is all a psychological problem and with proper treatment it can be cured, the flip side of the proverbial coin is that it is a real and physical genetic condition that is yet undiagnosed. Whichever it is, vampirism exists in the modern world.
In The Psychic Vampire Codex, Michelle Belanger, author and psychic vampire, introduces readers to the fascinating system of energy work used by vampires themselves and provides the actual codex text widely used by the vampire community for instruction in feeding and other techniques. Belanger also examines the ethics of vampirism and offers readers methods of protection from vampires.

The Psychic Vampire Codex explodes all preconceptions and myths about who and what psychic vampires really are and reveals a vital and profound spiritual tradition based on balance, rebirth, and an integral relationship with the spirit world.

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