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Hambahl Inc.

International plan

Justin Ham

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Hambahl Inc.

Hambahl Inc. China India Pakistan Singapore USA 2001 South Korea Product
Organic Chocolate Products
12 oz bar
5 oz truffle History
Maine, U.S.A. 2001
Singapore in 2004
Europe in 2005 Recent Sales Manufacturing Process Factors of endowment
Cote d'Ivoire - FDI
provides 1/3 Cocoa beans
labor Distribution Center
Economic Benefits
Treated as member of EU
Regional Asian Office
99% imports duty free

Cultural Benefits
Speak English
Highly urbanized
World's Easiest Place to do Business "a taste of heaven" Cultural Differences in Asia
high power distance ratio
low individualism
uncertainty avoidance
long term oriented
cultural differences
image is very important
skinny is beautiful

Business Culture
Drinking society
Product Modifications
fat free organic milk
less sugar
less calories
rounded prices of $10 flat no additional taxes KSFTA - Korea Singapore
Free Trade Agreement

Corruption index
48th-->39th low weight:value ratio

largest port in korea--
5th largest in the world
3.6 million people
2002 World Cup
2020 Olympics
2002 Asian games

Opportunities Risks similarities of potential markets weather
monsoons effect all potential markets Supply Chain
lots of local retailers
supply chain consists manufacturered in Cote d' Ivoire --> Singapore --> Busan Port (FOB destination)--> Wholesaler --> retailer --> retailer --> consumer
Opportunities Risks Shanghai
population 20 million
largest city in the world
transportation to all parts of China
guan xi-meet the right people
CSFTA pegged currency - reason for exportation
government threats
63rd --> 79th (score still increased) Risk mitigation
letters of credit
political risk insurance
Opportunities Risk Mumbai
financial center of India Opportunities 2nd fastest growing market in Asia
Largest producer in milk
Fastest growing market in Asia
Corruption has been decreasing
Potential market of 500 million
Pollution i.e. Pearl River
Guan xi: clean up commercial high corruption
lots of bribery
Corruption Perception Index rankings
USA - 19th (out of 180)
Korea - 39th
China - 79th
India - 84th
Pakistan - 139th
Potential conflict with North Korea
Beginnings of 1950's
Naval ship
transportation ships
potential war Mission Statement:
To provide a feeling of comfort and emotional security by making "good" chocolate.
Largest trading partner is U.S.A.
Franchising industry growing rapidly
Hotel franchising

Karachi heavily bombed port cities
Other port cities are too small
Al Qaeda and Taliban
Major competitors are European brands
Formal titles
Patriarch Society commercial
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