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Hello, I'm Owen

No description

Owen Wescombe

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Hello, I'm Owen

The end of traditional television programming
The decreasing cost and the increasing availability of film making equipment
3D TV & 3D Cinema
The first presentation of 3D films before a paying audience took place at the Astor Theater, New York, on June 10, 1915. The anaglyphic process used, developed by Edwin S. Porter and W.E. Waddell, involved the use of red and green spectacles to create a single image from twin motion picture images photographed 2½ inches apart.
Hello, I'm Owen
I'm young and enthusiastic, I love so many things to do with TV & Film and I really enjoy editing scenes like adding soundtracks, cutting and deciding which camera angle i should use.
This failed!
Lynde Denig wrote in Moving Picture World that "Images shimmered like reflections on a lake and in its present form the method couldn't be commercial because it detracts from the plot."
Here is a clip from a earlier generation of 3D. The documentary is called Waterside
Digital SLR
from Amazon
£9.04 from
Toshiba Camileo
X400 1080p
PC World
3D TV's need special glasses
Glasses flick between both lenses
100 times a second, this can cause
All these online programme/film streamers reduce TV viewing!
Netflix costs £5.99 a month for unlimited streaming! Cheap and effective!
Lovefilm is also £5.99 a month!
Sky Go is available to all Sky bundle customers for free!
4OD, ITV Player and BBC iPlayer are all free to people with internet!
People have become famous by becoming so popular on youtube!
Even a good friend of mine has been recognized for his editing skills after making a few videos!
Kickstarter is also used for self distribution
This is a brilliant website where random people help fund people who need money for projects!
This helps a lot!
This lets people donate money to people who need it for up and coming projects!
Thankyou for reading and listening
By Owen Wescombe
For professional use!
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