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Woodlawn SPIN Farm: A Demonstration in the Profitability of Urban Ag

A presentation to communicate the principles and value of transforming a vacant lot on 60th St S in Woodlawn into a demonstration farm.

Taylor Clark

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Woodlawn SPIN Farm: A Demonstration in the Profitability of Urban Ag

Woodlawn SPIN Farm A Demonstration in the
Profitability of Urban Ag Who is Main Street Birmingham? Building Healthier and Wealthier Communities What is the Urban Food Project? A Demographic Snapshot Woodlawn: A Food Desert Community What we've learned By Taylor Clark
The Urban Food Project
An Initiative of Main Street Birmingham Woodlawn SPIN Farm An urban farming methodology SPIN Farming Our Mission Growing businesses
Revitalizing neighborhoods
Empowering communities A Main Street initiative
Born 2+ years ago out of CDC Grant
Leveraging food as a catalyst for economic development
Creating an equitable, regionally prosperous local food system through collaboration
Increasing access, availability, and affordability of healthy foods through: Food system analysis
Public market development
Production & purchasing support / coordination
Wholesale and retail market development
Supporting food related business & job creation Expert Analysis & Organizational Experience 88,000 (23,000 children) living in food deserts
Lack of access to fresh, healthy food negatively impacts public health
Public markets, farm stands, peddlers can create immediate access
Poor farm to table distribution infrastructure hinders access efforts
Business and job creation opportunities exist in production, distribution and sale of produce
Successful food access solutions are supported by education Download studies at: TheUrbanFoodProject.org 40% of residents 25+ have no HS degree (vs. 20% nationally)*
67% of families earned less than $25 k in 2009 *
46% of residents not in the labor force **
24.5% receive SNAP benefits ** * Source: 2009 Census
** Source: the US Census 2006-2010 American Community Survey Addressing earning limitations, poverty & nutrition eduction needs Deploys an innovative, reliable urban farming methodology
Transforms vacant lots
Fosters business & job creation
Closes the distribution gap between farm and market
Provides a learning platform to address diet-related health disparities
Cultivates community partnerships
Demonstrates profitability and start-up process of urban ag
Positions MSB as the TA resource for city-wide replication Do. Document. Guide. Woodlawn SPIN Farm Nutrition Education SPIN Earning Potential 1,ooo - 5,000 sq ft 5,ooo - 10,000 sq ft
(1/8 acre - 1/4 acre) 10,ooo - 20,000 sq ft
(1/4 acre - 1/2 acre) $3,900 - $18,000 gross $18,000 - $36,000 gross $36,000 - $72,000 gross $72,000 - $144,000 gross Quick calculation: $300 per 25 ft bed per year Core purpose: profitability demonstration through documentation for replication
Vacant lot owned by Woodlawn Foundation
2,000 Sq Ft / 26 Raised Beds
Low & high intensity crops
Staffed by a part-time farm manager
Program coordinated & process documented by Market Coordinator
Documenting process and profitability from day 1
Sell produce to restaurants, farmers markets, corner stores (Market diversity)
Profits reinvested in farm
Product used in food prep education taught by AL Coop Ext & YWCA Potential revenue = $7,800 Tried and tested high intensity urban ag model
Provides shovel-ready crop and business planning framework
Demonstrated earning potential of $36k on a 1/4 acre
Requires less start-up capital than most businesses
Removes access to land barrier faced by new farmers
Easily replicated Southeastern SPIN Consultant Lee McBride Next Steps Thank you! Lot size dictates time and labor investment and potential revenue The key to improved health & increased market demand YWCA Family Resource Center teaching kitchen
AL Ext Services curriculum
10 monthly lessons
Addresses diet related disease including high blood pressure & diabetes
Meal planning, shopping, food preparation, portion size, etc.
Product from SPIN Farm
Surveys pre & post Telling the SPIN Story Goal: to document the community impact over time
Fulfills DISCO's mission of facilitating creative writing opportunities
Incorporates social media into story telling thru blogging
Exposes students to urban farming and improved nutrition DISCO Main Street Goal: to document the entrepreneurial experience to assist others
Includes proforma, business plan development, site prep, crop planning
Word Press Blog
Allows MSB to guide future urban farmers in replicating the SPIN model Founded in 2004 in partnership with the City of Birmingham to improve quality of life of Birmingham residents through revitalization of commercial cores. Support letters in envelope. (26 beds x $300) Project Needs Personnel & consulting How do we make Woodlawn SPIN Farm a reality? How do we get from seed... ...to profit? 20,000 - 40,000 sq ft
(1/2 acre - 1 acre) Site prep & set up $2,800 $14,060 Farm supplies $3,800 Market materials $500 Partner funds $3,750 Total proposed project funds: $24,910 Site preparation
Business plan development
Community outreach
Partnership development tiller, tools, seed irrigation, amendments, shed, post harvest area part-time farm manager & SPIN consultant Packaging, Merchandizing, Signage YWCA, ACES & DISCO Where do we go from here?
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