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Handling Hot Objects

No description

Greg Stradwick

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Handling Hot Objects

Handling Hot Objects
Why wear PPE?
Personal Protective Equipment keeps us safe at all times in such a fast moving environment.
Gloves will help you from burning your hands when handling hot pots filled with soup or sauce, when handling hot spits from the oven.
Aprons help protect your body from hot spills, or splashes depending on what your handling.
Close toed shoes are a necessary need in the kitchen. They will protect you from cuts, burns, and can even prevent slips.

Routines when Handling Hot Objects
Prepare a landing spot for the hot object before removal of hot pot or pan
NEVER use wet materials to handle hot objects. The water will absorb the heat right through the material and burn you.
Be extra careful removing lids, and stirring hot liquids, steam can escape and WILL burn you.
Warn others in the kitchen that you have a hot object and that you are moving with it.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Oven Mitts (to protect your hands)
Apron (for hot spills)
Closed toed shoes (preferably no laces)
Fire proof clothing (depending on what's being handled)
Hot Equipment
Chicken Spits
Many other hot things in the kitchen that you should be aware of when working in an environment that involves cooking with hot materials.
Now hopefully you will not any of these burns :
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