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Boys vs. Girls lung capacity

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Tonie B

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Boys vs. Girls lung capacity

Determining between boys and girls lung capacity.
Boys vs. Girls lung capacity
Today in this prezi we are going to determine if a boy or a girl has more lung capacity. We are going to present the findings from our study.
We predict that 5th grade boys have more lung capacity than 5th grade girls.
1.What is lung capacity: A physical difference in the volume of the lungs. Lung Capacity depends how much air you could hold in your lungs.
How is respiration different from breathing? breathing is when you are inhailing and exhailing air to the environment, and respiration is when your body uses its oxygen to get through different organs.
3. How can we measure lung capacity? You can hold your breath

4. What is respiration? A action of breathing
6. What is lung cancer? It starts in your lungs, in your chest and when you breathe the air goes threw your nose and down your windpipe and your lungs. Also when it spreads threw your tubes it is called bronchi.
5. What is a spirometer? A device for measuring the air capacity of our lungs.
We think boys have more lung capacity because if we were comparing chest sizes, the boys' chest is much bigger which could mean larger lungs.
7. What are alveoli? It is tiny air sacs about 1 cell thick. They are in your body. You have about 300 million that absorbs oxygen from the air. Also in the lungs at the end of small air ways. And where oxygen and carbon dioxide takes place.
Experimental Design
Independent variable:
Dependent variable:
Constant variable:
Number of repeated trials:
Lung capacity
Age and grade
4-5 groups
Step one: Gather all your materials such as a balloon, a tiny rubber band, a straw, a large bowl, water, a ruler and 5 boys and girls paired up by weight and height.
Step two: Fill the bowl with 2 inches of water using your ruler.
Step Three: Gather your straw, balloon, your bowl of water and your tiny rubber band. Put the straw into balloon and wrap your tiny rubber band around the balloon with the straw inside.
Step Four: Have your participants take a deep breath and blow into the straw that is attached into the balloon. Also make sure they only breath into the balloon once.
Step Five: After the balloon was blown up you get the deep bowl of water and carefully take the straw out of the balloon with the air still inside.
Step Six: Put the balloon in the water and you will see the water rise up. Then, you get your ruler and measure how much the water rose, then record your results.
My partner and I have averaged our results and we found out boys have more lung capacity than girls overall.
We found out that our prediction was correct because we thought boys had more lung capacity because they are broader and they have a bigger rib cage to hold bigger lungs. What we would like to investigate next is if it makes a difference whether the boys and girls are athletes.
How does the body use oxygen? Its called a respiratory system. Also you breath in oxygen through your windpipe and bronchi that circulates in your lungs
What is the connection between smoking and lung cancer? They are both bad for your chest and lungs. Therefore you have a chance of loosing a lung. Also they both can make you loose cells in your body and that can cause critical condition.
Why is lung capacity important? its important so you can know what is your normal breathing. Also so you can be active and healthy. You need to be active so you can exercise and exercising is always healthy.
What is bronchities? It causes bronchopasm and coughing.
What are the bronchial? The two branches of the windpipe that leads to the lungs.
What is the function of the lungs? The pumps. They pull in oxygen and obsorbs the oxygen into lining of the lungs. Also the oxygen pushes into the chambers of the heart that travels to rest the body.

According to our results boys by far have the most lung capacity. We compared boys vs. girls and measured who had more lung capacity. In group A the boy and the girl had the same reading at 1.5 but in all other groups the boys exceeded the girls.
In our study we did not take into account other factors that may have accounted for the difference. Some of these are: height, weight, athletic ability, etc.
More studies can be done to further measure lung capacity and the difference between boys and girls. Therefore males has more lung capacity than females.

Our Question
Which gender has more lung capacity?
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