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Visions of Technology in Education

No description

Christina Medina

on 30 July 2013

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Transcript of Visions of Technology in Education

Classroom technology is vital in getting students involved with learning in the world they exist. Blackboards have been replaced with Smartboards, overhead projectors have been exiled by the document camera, and mobile TV carts have been pushed out by the distance learning cart.
(Secure Edge Networks, 2013)
College of Education
Technology in the Classroom
During my student teaching, I was fortunate to have had a variety of technology to use, such as, a Smart Board, projector, laptop, and a document camera. I utilized the laptop to show videos in conjunction with using the SMART Board to present math concepts like place value. Having this much exposure to advanced technology in a classroom was exciting, and I often wondered what kind of new technology I would be using in my own classroom in the future.
Visions in Print
Visions of
In Education
Christina Lozano
When I was in elementary school, I remember when my family received our first set of encyclopedias; I was fascinated. I would find myself staring at the books, admiring their gold-trimmed pages. I couldn't help but think, "There's so much for me to learn and read about." I would spend days flipping though the pages reading about different countries, customs, beliefs, and important figures. I wondered if one day I would come to know these places or experience the cultures I discovered. Those books inspired dreams I never knew I had. Whether conducting research for school or expanding my curiosity for the world, I would reach for an encyclopedia.
"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" - F.D.R.
Hardback to Hard to Believe
Did I just hear a famous quote from one of our presidents? When my family purchased our first desktop computer, I remember hearing this famous quote come to life. No more pulling encyclopedias from the book shelf! Microsoft Encarta had transformed those encyclopedias into animated videos, music, interactive content, countless pictures and illustrations. This experience was only the beginning of how my life would be influenced by all things digital.
Bilingual Abilities
I feel very fortunate to be able to speak both English and Spanish fluently. Being bilingual has provided me with unique opportunities and invaluable experiences. While I was a student I worked as a Discovery Guide at the Children's Museum of Houston. I was able to apply my bilingual skills when children from diverse backgrounds would come to explore the galleries. I've always felt that all children should have access to the same opportunities and experiences, regardless of their socio-economic status. Having the ability to lead bilingual tours was valuable to me and gave me a sense of satisfaction. I helped present the museum as a learning environment in which freedom of expression was encouraged. One exhibit in particular inspired the children to explore their creativity through technology .
Kid TV!
I would facilitate the children's productions as they created scenes before the city skyline as if in a real news station. When children were role playing as a news anchor or camera operator, I helped them to discover the different technology involved in producing a news broadcast. Together we learned how each piece of technological equipment was essential to the full production.
I majored in Bilingual Education at the University of St. Thomas, and as part of the curriculum, I was required to accumulate observation hours at different schools. While visiting a variety of public and parochial schools, I kept an open mind about teaching different grade levels. I believed that the exposure to an array of school settings and grades would help me determine the best fit for my practicum experience. I instructed fourth grade in a dual-language class at Mark Twain Elementary for my student teaching, and the experience is one that inspired my desire to become a bilingual teacher.
Technology, Then and Now
This past school year I incorporated new technology to teach writing conventions. I realized that students love the liberties that come with utilizing technology in the classroom. It instilled confidence in students that would normally shy away from contributing during class participation. I concluded that technology can be empowering and exciting, while promoting individual learning styles.
Just as I have experienced in my personal life how technology has changed and influenced my educational journey, I am excited to see where it will go in the future. Technology is always changing, and I feel that parents and educators should equally share the responsibility of teaching today's youth about he abundance of information and capabilities that come with utilizing these resources .
Vision for the Future
I think of when science fair presentations will no longer be displayed on a trifold poster, but on a web application such as Prezi. It would be a unique experience to help students create digital presentations of a research project, while encouraging their creativity through technology. Technology is and will become even more prevalent in their lives, and as educators we should be willing and capable of helping them. As a bilingual educator, I would like to expand the resources that are available to English language learners, while still supporting their native language. It has been a challenge finding online resources that support Spanish to English transitioning. My goal is to one day develop widely accessible technologies that can set the foundation for more effective dual-language education.
My goal for the future is to be able to empower educators on how to efficiently and effectively incorporate technology in their classrooms. Even in today's advanced world there are an abundance of technologies that are not always used in the classroom. When educators are equipped with proper materials and are taught correctly on how to use these technologies, it not only promotes confidence, but improves performance in teaching styles.
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