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Archetypes in Literature

This prezi will allow students to develop an understanding of archetypes and how they appear in literature from all times and places and show consistency in ideas.

Becky Plovan

on 28 June 2010

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Transcript of Archetypes in Literature

Double click anywhere & add an idea Archetypes
Literature Definition
a pattern that appears in literature across cultures and is repeated through the ages. An archetype can be a character, a plot, an image, or a setting. So, what does that mean anyway? Well, what do you know about scary movies? What color is the girl's hair who is the first victim? Did you say blonde? Then you're right! That's a common archetype in horror movies.
What happens when she runs from the bad guy? Oh, yes! She falls down! Why? Because running through the woods in high heels always causes someone to trip and twist their ankle so they can't get away. Get it...an archetype! Let's see...there are archetypes in the stories you read as a kid too... Poor princesses...they always have no ________ PARENTS! So in the place of the parents, there is always... a MEAN stepmother and the stepmother is
pretty virtuous and has animals for friends MEAN because the princess is
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