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"In Flanders Fields"

No description

Caitlin Toole

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of "In Flanders Fields"

Theme and structure
The theme of the poem is that there is no reason to be afraid to die. There is always movement when things seem still and motionless.
"In Flanders Fields"
By: John McCrae

Is War a Bad Thing?
MLA Citations
McCrae, John. In Flanders Fields. Mount Vermon NY: William Edwin Rudge, 1921. Print.
Key Quotes
"In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses row on row, that mark our place" (1-3). This quote relates to the theme by stating that when you die you can still live, the graveyard marks your place for people to come see.

"We shall not sleep, though poppies grow in Flanders fields"(14-15). When the author uses this in his poem, he is using juxtaposition, he is stating that graveyards may seem like a lonely place to be because there is life, however he is also stating that there are the poppies that are bright and cloorful. McCrae is giving you the option at the end to choose which way are will look at the topic.
Poem Structure
Figurative Language
~McCrae uses an alliteration when he states, "Loved and were loved, and now we lie" (8). He uses this to emphasizes the fact that they were dead. However he is comforting the audience by saying they were happy on earth.
~The author also used personification when he refers to the poppies blowing between the crosses. He is figuratively saying that even though there are so many big things that bring us down, however between each thing there is always something there to keep you up and cheerful and provide color.
~The structure of the poem has enjambment. This relates to the theme because when McCrae is moving from a mournful to a peaceful subject, then his run-on allows a smooth transition from topics. He is trying to explain his poem as if he was dying. Explaining that when you die there is a peaceful transition between life and death.
~The structure of the lines 9 and 15, "In Flanders Feilds.", the author gives them another rhyme scheme to really emphasize where life goes beyond death. So the rhyme scheme points out important details in the poem to really draw attention to it.
In this poem, the author is stating that war isn't always a bad thing. Throughout the poem, he uses and extended metaphor... The idea of Flanders fields is an example of real life. He feels that war teaches people life lessons and that there is color or bright ideas made in war!
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