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Britney Spears

No description

on 9 February 2016

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Transcript of Britney Spears

7 Perspectives of Psychology:
Britney Spears

By: Ali Flaherty
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs:
Biological Needs:
Safety needs: Met
Has struggled with relationship issues, which has caused her to turn to alcohol and smoking as a coping method
Decision to shave her head and to go to rehab, shows that she has not met the needs of this category and struggles to accept herself
Because the previous two categories are not met, Britney is unable to reach self actualization, which causes her to act outrageously
- In her mind, she might think that her behaviors are making her more popular and famous as it is bringing more attention to her.
- Britney might feel as though she needs to drink and party a lot in order to maintain a celebrity.
- According to Freud, the mind is made up of the id, ego, and superego. The id the the part of the mind that is concerned with personal pleasure and desire, the superego is the moral reasoning part of the mind, and the ego must balance the two. Spears' outrageous behavior may be due to her id being too strong, which creates an imbalance in her mind, which portrays her actions as being more selfish than moral.

- Since Spears became a celebrity at a very young age, she was never able to fully grow into adulthood. This causes her to act childish and regress into "teenager-like" behaviors.
Britney Spears is a well-known singer and entertainer, born on December 2, 1981. She became a star in her childhood, as she was only 11 years old when she began her career in “The All New Mickey Mouse Club”. Her pop career took off in 1998, after she released her song “Baby One More Time”. She remains popular today, as she continues to release music and is a judge on the X Factor television show.
10 Outrageous Behaviors:
- Abuse of drugs and alcohol
- Head shaving incident
- Attacked a car with an umbrella
-Locked herself in a room with her son, refusing to return her boys to her ex- husband
- Shop lifting
- Police had to restrain her and said that she was intoxicated
- Missed custody court dates
- Hired nannies to watch her kids while she went to night club/parties
- A few times, she stayed out all night, and never returned home for her children
- Married a childhood friend while in Las Vegas, but it was quickly annulled

- Many Psychologists have studied Spears’ behavior and believe that she is bi-polar, which would explain her sudden outbursts of outrageous behavior.
- Spears also suffered from PPD (postpartum depression). This would help explain why she became more reckless and outrageous after she had children.
-Britney started performing when she was only 11 years old, making her a childhood star.

-Her first single, “Baby One More Time” eventually hit number 1 on the billboard 200, after the release of her music video which featured Spears in a sexy school uniform. Since her song finally hit number one after the release of this video, Spears was compelled to continue writing similar music. This is seen through her later albums, where her music, videos, and performances became more sexual and outrageous.

- Britney wants to remain famous, so she acts outrageously in order to maintain her status.
- Bi-polar disorder may be evident in other family members from her ancestry.
- Spears spent a lot of time in Hollywood, which exposed her to other celebrities that have fallen into similar patterns.
- This Hollywood culture makes Britney think that her behavior is normal since that is what she is surrounded with on a daily basis.

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