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Digital Communications Strategy

No description

Anina Tweed

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Digital Communications Strategy

Digital Communications Strategy

Initial Findings and Recommendations
When I last presented, I proposed this work plan.
Who is our current audience?
How do we acquire new followers?
How do we engage with them?
Which types of posts are most popular?
Where are we most influential?
What are we not doing?
What are the industry standards in each channel?
How many impressions do our peers get?
Why are they more or less influential than us?
Who are their followers?
What strategies, if any, do they employ that we could adopt?
I started my analysis by asking some key questions about what our strengths and weaknesses in each digital communications channel are.
To begin my phase one analysis, I needed to understand what question we were asking and which goals we wanted to map to.
How can our digital communications strategy be strengthened to more effectively support our organizational goals?
Our top goals prioritized by audience are:
To strengthen our relationship with existing, and attract new, funders and investors.
To follow strong borrowers and expand our geographic reach to include new ones.
To strengthen our policy voice and develop strategic alliances to transform the field.
a key message
(e.g. Health)
Ties to an event
encourages engagement
mentions a
key influencer
Prioritize what we can
Focus on
not quantity
digital strategy into the rest of the organization
Followers, but for what?
6,635 followers but follow 4,882. Most top influencers in their follower base are not related to their mission.
10,891 followers, only follow 1,105. Seem to have a relevant follower base and high engagement.
Where our audience is now
2.6% of our followers have high social influence, most of them are either health-related or funders

only 1% have a follower count above 50K

strong relationships with most active followers

Engagement score of 83%
Elements of a Top Tweet
high potential reach: 23,880
Strategies for Twitter
create list of desired key influencers and connector orgs as followers and target through more direct interaction
Make lists by issue area to track those we want to interact with most
Continue tweeting in relation to events, mentioning key partners and utilizing popular hashtags
Right Audience
- are we reaching the right people?

Right Message
- are we being effective in our communication? Are we disseminating key messages?
Is the right audience everyone?
Current list of 2,700 with diverse contacts

We work in several areas: Childcare, TOD, Affordable Housing, Community Health Centers, Charter Schools

62% of nonprofits currently segment their lists, 25% use five or more segments

Making more targeted efforts to grow and maintain list
Making our message more digestible
Currently, linked table at top, 12-13 items

Send roughly 1 email per month, E-News quarterly with additional Flash emails as needed

One featured item at top, great graphics

More corporate and formal tone

Strategies for Email
Segment list by content area, with a general LIIF news feature and special eblasts

Insert more pull quotes, graphics, and "cheese" up top

Shorter, but more frequent with one unifying message

A/B testing with subject lines and length

push on social and web to drive sign-ups

Experiment with a more personal, informal tone
Organizational Implications
Consultations with staff on key messages to disseminate
Better communication internally and externally on digital strategy wins and updates
Strategy to involve staff for conferences and events
Staff time to maintain and segment list
Train staff on inputting contacts into database
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