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Miles Martin and Aidan Carney

No description

lib hist

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Miles Martin and Aidan Carney

Miles Martin and Aidan Carney
Gary Gordon
Gary Gordan was one of the highest ranked snipers from the Delta Force sniper team.
He had enough
to go into battle and protect his own country from attack and successful did.
Recieving The Medal of Honor
How he earned the Medal of Honor
Gary Gordan was one of the best snipers. He stayed on the battle feild hidden for 1 whole day sniping and killing somalians. He died at age 33 (1993)
Shortly after Gordan's death, president George W. Bush awarded him the medal of honor for all of his hard work. He was obviusly a citzen and and recieved alot ogf honor for his doings
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