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It works because the rapid production of gases causes the ex

No description

mira solam

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of It works because the rapid production of gases causes the ex

Carbon Snake
BY: Mira Solam


Concentrated sulphuric acid is added to p-nitroanaline
What is at use?
1/2 tsp of p-nitroaniline
That is short for para-nitroaniline
Which is also referred to as 4-nitroaniline
It is treated with
A few drops of concentrated sulfuric acid
In a ceramic dish
Over a Bunsen burner flame.
How does Concentrated sulfuric acid when its added to p-nitroanaline work?
Heres how it works
The development of the melted P-nitroaniline
Are cause by the rapid construction of gases then it grows into
Which grows into a frail carbon sponge column
The reaction shows how effective a dehydrating agent conc. sulfuric is.
The rapid production of gases
Causes the expansion of the melted p-nitroaniline
Which grows into a brittle carbon sponge column
The Reactants and Products
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