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- Dense living advantages and disadvantages

Amme Camile Marba

on 11 August 2013

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Transcript of Urbanization

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
The main goal of urban planning is to make all amenities and comforts available to the public without imposing many negative effects on society and environment, aptly referred to as “Sustainable growth”.
refers to general increase in population and the amount of industrialization
of a settlement. It includes increase in the number and extent of cities. It symbolizes the
movement of people from rural to urban areas
Why does it happen?
- the migration of people
from less industrialized regions to more industrialized areas.
Urban sprawl
- increase in spatial
scale or increase
in the peripheral
area of cities.
Land Insecurity
(Lack of housing
Poor Living Condition
Cause of Health Hazards.
High Crime Rate
Environmental Degradation
(Temperature Pollution)
Strain on Infrastructure
Weaker workers are left in the rural
Decreases agricultural productions due to shortage of workers
Rural Areas
Cities are extremely efficient. Less effort is needed to supply basic amenities such as fresh water and electricity. Research and recycling programs are possible only in cities. In most cities flats are in vogue today. Many people can be accommodated within a small land area
Urbanization (Dense Living)
Concentration of resources
Since major human settlements were established near natural resources from ancient times, a lot of resources are available in and around cities. A lot of facilities to exploit these resources also exist only in cities.
Educational facilities & Social integration
Improvements in economy
- Due to factors such as paving over formerly vegetated land,
increasing number of residences and high-rise apartments and industries, temperature increases drastically.
Environmental impacts
Factories and automobiles are symbols of urbanization. Due to
harmful emissions of gases and smoke from factories and vehicles, air pollution occurs.
Air pollution
When urbanization takes place, water cycle changes as cities have more precipitation than surrounding areas
Water Issues
To make an area urbanized, a lot of forested areas are
Destruction of Habitats
- Group 3
Katrizzia Palon
Amme Marba
Julie-Ann Parañal
Nuelcy Lubbock
Howell Shean Querubin
Armin Niebres
Ram Pineda
Ryan Tan

Development in Tourism Industries
Growth in Trade and Commerce
Industrial Growth
Infrastructure Development
Social Integration
Strengthen Public Finance,Transparency and Accountability
Improvement in Science and Technology
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