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Copy of North Korea vs. South Korea

the difference between North and South Korea

tracy romani

on 5 April 2011

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Transcript of Copy of North Korea vs. South Korea

North Korea vs. South Korea a developed country in poverty republic government Population 22,665,345 Economy focused on self relience
closed to outside countries
95%goods produced in North Korea
90% of business's controlled by the government topography mountains and hills
seperated by narrow river valleys
temperate climate
majority of rainfall in the summer Life expectancy 63.81 due to famine and lack of medical care Religious groups 51% Buddhist/Confucian
25% Shamanism
4% Christian Economy economy is growing
is known for it's high tech industrial goods
electronics and telecommunication Population 48,508,972 topography very mountainous
two thirds of south Korea are forrest
climate is temperate hot summers cold winters transportation high speed rail
called the Korea Train Express
transprorts 100,000 people a day religious groups large percent is Christian and Buddhist many also prefer no religion Communist Goverment Kim Jong Il Leader Lee Myung-bak Leader The End
BY Mike Tracy Paul Denny
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