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Automatic Chicken Feeder and

No description

Karl Fernandez

on 5 March 2017

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Transcript of Automatic Chicken Feeder and

1. What are the dispensing practices observed in poultry feeding in terms of:
a. Timeliness;
b. Methods; and
c. Monitoring.

2. What are the requirements to develop the “Automatic Chicken Feeder and Monitoring System using GSM Technology” model in terms of:
a. Hardware; and
b. Software.

Automatic Chicken Feeder and
Monitoring System using
GSM Technology

3. What is the extent of effectivity of the system in terms of:
a. Operation; and
b. Accessibility.

Poultry growers will also have the capability to send a message to the “Automatic Chicken Feeder and Monitoring System using GSM Technology” if they want to set the time of feeding.

This analysis of the system includes that GSM technology “load” shall depend upon its availability in the market.

The network of the GSM to be used will depend on the area where the system will be put because of signal issues.
1. To develop a device that can follow a schedule given by the user;

2. To produce a device that will release the different kinds of feeds depending on the age of the broiler;

3. To upgrade the existing method of feeding chickens regularly with the desired time that was set by the user;

4. To provide signals to notify the poultry growers of the feeding time;

5. To develop a simple and easy-to-use automatic feeding and monitoring system with GSM technology

6. To reduce the manpower needed on feeding the chickens; and

7. To develop a device that can be operated through SMS.

The user will not be able to change the cellular phone number of the receiver manually. The prototype is limited to one kind of feed placed on the container that will depend on the age of the chicken.

This system mainly focuses only on the feeding of chicken.

Other components such as the expiry of the feeds shall be based on the knowledge of the grower and this will not work if there is no source of electricity.
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