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Family Tree

No description

sean franklin

on 2 March 2014

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Transcript of Family Tree

Family Tree
Sean Michael Franklin
Cynthia McElhanon Franklin
Paul Franklin

Kenneth McElhanon
Geneva Borders Franklin
Herbert Franklin
Lewis Borders
Helen Dunbar McElhanon
?/?/1898- ?/?/1979
Herbert Franklin
August Walker Franklin
Axel Frost
8/7/1919- 5/12/1984
Florence Fredlund Frost
Harvey McElhanon
9/1/1901- ?/?/1992
Noreen McElhanon
Millie McClure Borders
Mary Elswick Walker
James Walker
Tennie Sammons Franklin
John Franklin
Margaret Steel Walker
William Walker
Eliza Byrd Elswick
William Elswick
Samath Gibson McClure
Charles McClure
Mirza Dixon Borders
Joseph Borders
Isabel Brown Borders
Rev. John "Shouting" Borders
Henry Dixon
Jane Stafford Dixon
Alonzo McElhanon
Joseph Dunbar
JessieMae Gardner Dunbar
Marry Pitchford McElhanon
Johan Frost
Annie Ostergren Frost
Henning Fredlund
Sara Stromgren Fredlund
Johanna Johannesdotter Fredlund
Johan Fredlund
Paulus Stromgren
1/1/1861 - ?
Golin Ersdotter Stromgren
7/28/1858 - ?
Birth: 1/9/1967 in Papua New Guinea
Parents are Bible Translators
Lived in Australia and US
Loves God AND loves people.
Born and raised in Wisconsin
Wheaton graduate
Travels the world and has lived in USA, Australia and PNG
Translated the NT in the Selepet language (PNG)
[Spiritual role model and subject matter for Sean's "Spiritual Heritage" paper.]
?/?/1907 - 12/10/1999
5/17/1895 - 12/27/1965
?/?/1897- ?/?/1976
3/20/1897 - 10/23/1971
9/27/1911 - 9/23/2002
7/7/1883 - ?/?/1969
1881- ?
1868 - ?
6/1859 - 1/3/1945
1/28/1856 - 4/27/1918
10/15/1823 - 4/1/1885
9/15/1823 - -2/10/1907
1844 - 1910
No Records
No Records
6/3/1875 - 10/12/1964
5/29/1870 - 2/16/1955
12/20/1866 - 12/24/1964
No Records
Born in Louisiana
Lived in KY and TN
Physical Therapist
Built Family Home in 2010
Got saved at 18 yrs old

9/2/1842 - 3/25/1918
Stockholm, Sweeten
9/29/1847 - 12/25/1931
1874 - ?
Born in Knoxville,TN
Student at Maryville Christian School
Got saved in Kindergarten the first week of school
Born in Canada and lived in US, PNG and Australia
Co-translated the Selepet NT
Marriage and Family Counselor
Life verse is "Let us exhalt His name together"
Mrs. Jim Elliot taught her how to swim
She taught Ted Dekker accounting in HS
Born in born in Louisa, KY
Lived in KY, LA and TN
A devoted wife and mother who loves her family
Married 57 years
Born in Louisa, KY
Lived in KY, LA, and currently in TN
Worked for and retired from the Columbia Golf Transmission Company
Marine in WWII
[Interviewed In Sean's Q&A Paper]
Born in Saskatchewan, Canada
Lived in
Rookhurst x2 yrs
Hazelwood x2 yrs
Erickson x2 yrs
Whitewood, Norland, Minnedosa
2 brothers were missionaries
1 other brother was a preacher
Wanted to raise her daughters in a christian environment where they could grow up to love the Lord. (They both ended up as missionaries)
Teacher at Prairie Bible Institiute in Three Hills, Alberta.
Born in Minnedosa
Drove a milk truck (farming did not provide a good living)
In the Airforce as an aircraft mechanicWWII
Garage operator & mechanic in Minnedosa until retired
Born in St Louis, MO. Burried in Hannibal, MO.
Lived mostly in Wisconsin
Went to business school after highschool
Worked at Florsheim Shoe Company
Raised in Wisconson
also lived in arizona
2 brothers that died while teenagers due to a 1918 flu epidemic that spread from Europe to North America
Top salesman for a vacuum cleaner company
Oldest son (Harv) owns the famous Pinnacle Peak Patio restaurant in Phoenix, AZ
Her parents adopted her from a family in AL at a young age
She worked hard and loved beautiful things...
Embroidery work
Used a woodstove for cooking and heating
They had a piano that played automatically
Helped Build the "lock and dam" system in the Big Sandy River and became LockMaster
Lived and retired in Chapman, KY
Oldest of 8 children
Loved cooking
Placed high value on people not things
Lived whole life in Lawrence county, KY
Hard worker, worked away from home at the railroad returning on weekends
Generous loved his grandchildren, buying all the candy they wanted
Farmed and gardened in his retirement and died in a tractor accident at 74 years old.
Born in Jamptland, Sweden
Almost fell overboard at age 3 when coming to Canada from Sweden
Knew how to make people feel special
had a 3rd grade education
Born in Smoland, Sweden July 7, 1883 and came to Canada when he was 6
9th grade Education
Did church services in thier house because they didn't have a car which lead to the 2nd Swedish church in Canada and is now a historical monument

See Notebook on table
Owned own famous catering business
Served King George(Queen Elizabeth's Dad) Tea
raised 7 children & farmed
Died at 50 due to heart problems and high blood pressure
Lived with Sara and Henning until death Christmas, 1931
Strong powerful man
Cleared and broke 26 acres of land his first summer farming
Died at 60 of pernicious, anemia
She was confined to a TB sanitarian and children were not invited so my grandpa never met her, she would wave to him across a field from her window.
He died 5 years before my grandpa Ken was born
70 yrs old when my grandpa Ken was born and all he remembers is her baking in the kitchen a lot
83 when my my grandpa Ken was born
All my grandpa remembers was sitting on his lap pulling his long white beard
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