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Pottery around the world

Taking a look at the tradition of pottery and how it differs from place to place!

Mary Griffith

on 18 April 2011

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Transcript of Pottery around the world

Pottery around the WORLD... What is pottery? Pottery is vases, dishes, plates, cooking pots, cups, etc. made out of clay used for a functional purpose. It is believed that the earliest pottery was hand built and fired in bonfires. WHY CLAY?? because its durable, cheap, and can be made waterproof pretty easily. People started using clay aroung 6000 BC. near the beginning of the neolithic period. People first started making pottery by the hand building techniques that we learned. Which are called....? From the beginning, people have been using pottery to construct their social and cultural identity...decorating the clay in expressive ways! Lets look at how pottery differs from place to place... Greek Pottery Japanese Pottery Southern Pottery African Pottery Let's review!!!
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