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No description

Naley Lee

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Mermaids

Mermaids are mythical aquatic creatures that appear with a woman's upper body part and a scaly tail. They are viewed in varies way; similar to sirens, the Greek and Roman melodic and beautiful women who caused shipwrecks, and sirenias, fully aquatic sea creatures like the manatee or dugong. People have long been fascinated by mermaids whether they are just a tale centuries ago or a documentation on t.v.
By: Xee lee, Kim, & Naley
Mermaids are depicted as beautiful creatures from the sea. They are described to have long black hair, with a woman’s face and a long torso body with a scaly fish tale. Mermaids are also described to have a luring singing voice to attract the sailor men. However, mermaids are also viewed as ugly monsters. Most of us view mermaids as the one from the Disney Movie, The Little Mermaid. Or, others view mermaids as the ugly version from the M/Documentary, Mermaids.
Modern Mermaids
The word mermaid translated in Old English means mere(sea) and maid(a young girl or woman). The myth of mermaids have long been known throughout many regions of the Near East, Europe, Asia and Africa. One of the first story includes the ancient story in Assyria some time around 1000 BC. The goddess, Atargatis, who accidentally killed her mortal lover, jumps into a lake purposely to turn into a fish. But her beauty could not be concealed so instead she transformed into a half-woman, half-fish creature. To any sea goer who witnessed a mermaid often mistook manatees or dugongs for mermaids because of their flat tails and top form. Especially at the distance they were it was not the most accurate. Similar to Christopher Columbus who mistook manatees for mermaids.
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About 70% of Earth is covered by water; it's no wonder that mermaids serve as a tale to anticipate the mystery of the unknown. Mermaids are fascinating half species that lure men to their doom; they represent an arouse yet a warning ,and an evolution of human-animal hybrids. It's what might have made them so interesting that spawned their influence in things like art and literature. Through time they have been told has possible beings but without any proof. At the core they are intriguing yet dangerous creatures that makes one cautious; it may reflect our uncertainty in what is fiction or not.
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Mermaids are seen on tv shows, written in books, and made into movies. There are tv shows about researchers finding mermaids. A popular mermaid movie is The little mermaid. And a famous Book called the Tail of Emily Windsnap. Mermaids Became popular in ways like, people dressing up as mermaids.
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