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Twenty one pilots

No description

Natalia Moreno

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of Twenty one pilots

Who Is Twenty One Pilots?
No Phun Intended (2008)
Self released

twenty | one | pilots (2009)
Self released

Regional at Best (2011)
Self released

Vessel (2013)
Released with Fueled by Ramen

Blurryface (2015)
Released with fueled by Ramen

Radio Reference
Where It All Started
It wasn't Tyler and Josh originally. Tyler and his 2 friends, Nick Thomas and Chris Salih, created Twenty one pilots in 2009. Tyler came up with the name while studying a play called "All of my sons" by Arthur Miller. They self released an album and began touring later in 2009. In 2011, Nick and Chris had to leave the group because of busy Schedules. It was later that Josh joined Twenty One Pilots.
Nate and Keny.
Twenty One Pilots
Their Trick to Becoming Famous
Tyler Joseph
Joshua Dun

ode to sleep
A schizophrenic pop band
In their recent Music videos (Blurryface) Tyler appears to have grease all over his neck and hands. According to him, it symbolizes his insecurity. The grease around his neck is Blurryface suffocating him when he is present, and on his hands is the influence Blurryface has on what Tyler creates.
The Grease
Joshua was born in June 18, 1988. He grew up not allowed to listen to music so he would sneak to a music store. At the age of 14 he got his first pair of drums. At first he played to rebel against his parent, but they supported him. His parents made him sign a contract. He substituted playing the drums for House of Heroes but had to quit when the former drummer came back. Later on, he worked at Guitar Center with one of the former members of Twenty One Pilots. He recommended Josh to Tyler later on, thus Josh became the drummer for TOP.
Tyler was born on December 1, 1988. Growing up all he did was play basketball and never really had a interest in music. It was until he saw a songwriter perform, he decided to take out a piano his mom gave him a long time ago and play. He rejected a scholarship for basketball and chose music for his career. He later formed Twenty One Pilots with his high school friends. Tyler got married to Jenna Black this year.
“If I were to give advice to someone that just started a band and how to get someone’s attention, you've gotta have a central hub. For us, it was Columbus, Ohio,” explained Joseph. “Then outside of Columbus, we’d play all these small shows without promoting. If we go up to City A and we play a show for ten people, we make ten fans; you have to have the live show to kind of solidify them. Then you go up to City B.”

According to Joseph, the trick was to not promote “City B” so that fans from City A wouldn’t go to the show. The main hub was their city of Columbus. When they’d have a big show in the hub, that’s when they’d blast out their whereabouts on social media, effectively attracting people from all the outer regions they played to one central point.

“When people came out, they were more blown away by how many people were there than on the show. But then we obviously had to capitalize on giving them a good live show. So we did that four or five times, leaving months in between, then by the end of that, we were able to get people’s attention and that’s kind of why we’re here [in Los Angeles at KROQ].”

In many of their songs, a car radio is mentioned. Funny story to this reference: when Tyler was still in college, he was running late and left his car unlocked. Bet you can guess what happened.. Along with some music, his car radio was stolen.

Besides the song Car Radio, the radio is mentioned a lot. One of the reference is that the song is not made for the radio. In an interview, Tyler explains the type of music he makes, it's considered rap and will never be on alternative radios.

Besides being the album name, Blurryface is a character who represents Tyler's insecurities. In the songs, you can hear the change of tone and that's when you know it's Blurryface.

Tyler (Vocals)
Bass Guitar
Tyler and Josh have the biggest bromance that continues to grow. It can be said that Joshua doesn't know what do to with his life when he isn't with Tyler.
With this awkward photo , we say goodbye.
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