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The Outsiders- Tim Shepard

No description

Daniel Kim

on 19 April 2016

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Transcript of The Outsiders- Tim Shepard

The Outsiders- Tim Shepard
Tim Shepard- A Hood
who's just looking for trouble
Gang: Greasers- Leader of the Shepard Gang from Brumly
Physical Traits: "Cat-Like" Appearence with curly black hair and icy, hateful eyes.
Has a scar from Temple to Chin
Character: Sketchy, Hood Like
Relations: Friends- His Gang as Well as Pony's; a younger brother named Curly
Tim Shepard exhibits characteristics of a Rebel through out the story when he is seen displaying a intense dislike for the world. He just want to be a problem and a menace to it. This can be seen before the big rumble, when Pony says "...his smile was grim and bitter. He was one of those who enjoy being a hood" (117). He is, indeed, someone who has dislike towards the world he lives in.
The End
Thesis Statement:
In the novel,
The Outsiders
, S.E. Hinton relays the idea that Tim Shepard is a Rebel because of the trouble he wants to cause and how he wants people to see this.
Rebel: A Reckless, Fearless Character, he is usually violent and bitter to the world in general, therefore causing him to act against it

Tim Shepherd, a tough and hard looking guy, falls into being the rebel of the story because of his actions. He goes against the world causing trouble, while enjoying it at the same time. Furthermore, he is willing to do anything to prove his beliefs, even to the extent to hurt the innocent. In conclusion, Tim Shepherd is one tough nut who enjoys being a rebel.
Analysis #1:
Analysis #2
In addition to the way he acts, Shepard also shows the Rebel archetype as he tries to make the statement that he is one. Tim Shepard wants nothing more but to show others that he is a Greaser, and that he is proud to be one, someone who is at the bottom of the pyramid. This can be seen when Pony states that "Tim had the tense, hungry look of an alley cat.... he was constantly restless (for action)" (118). This quote exhibits how Tim wants an opportunity to show the world he is a person who opportunities to cause trouble and pain, proving
Greaser power.
Enjoys: Fights and Crime
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