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Awesomeness is indescribable.

Hayden Burke

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Surfing

Some types of forces that are used or are present during surfing are gravity, friction, balanced forces., and unbalanced forces.
First, you need to know about Newton's Laws of Motion! Here's a video and a brainpop and a video to get you started!
Gravity is present in surfing, but is balanced , because the surfer isn't falling. If the surfer was falling, then he/she just experienced gravity!
What are the unbalanced forces when we surf?
Laws of Motion-Sports Activity
Surfing by Hayden#20 and Sejal#8

Some balanced forces we observe when we surf, are gravity, because the surfer isn't falling, well...most of the time.
Gravity during surfing.
Where is friction when we surf?
Friction is between the bottom of the surf board and the wave. The wave is the opposing force to the board, or the board is the opposing force to the wave.
What are the balanced forces when we surf?
Some unbalanced forces when we surf are friction, because the wave under the board is moving in the opposite direction than the board. Gravity is unbalanced too, because the top of the wave comes rushing back down to the rest of the water.
Thanks for watching our prezi! We hope you learned something about the forces used in surfing!- Sejal #8 and Hayden#20
Before we get started, you have to know what surfing is. Here's a link.
We will
also be referring to the background picture. Enjoy!
When we surf we use newtons 2ND law of motion.
Newton's second law sates "acceleration is produced when a force
acts on mass. the greater the mass (of the object being accelerated) the grater the force needed to make the object accelerate.
In this case the surfer is accelerating because of the wave and he moves fast because the surf board has little mass and so does the man, at least compared to the wave.
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