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Summer of the Swans lit circle final proj.

No description

Summer Swans

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Summer of the Swans lit circle final proj.

By: Betsy Byars Sara CHARACTERS~ Self-conscious-
she said,"I have the biggest feet in my school."
"I hate these sneakers, I just hate them." pg.10 Protective-
"Here," she said, I'll do it for you."
Sara is protective of her younger, mentally retarded brother, Charlie. pg.13 Stubborn-
"'It's not right, Aunt Willie, the stripes aren't going to meet...'"
Sara is stubborn and won't believe that Joe Melby didn't steal Charlie's watch. pg. 33 Worried-
"'Charlie! Charlie!'"
"'I was so sure he'd be here,'" said Sara. "'Now I don't know what to do.'" pg. 73 CHARACTERS~ Charlie Obedient-
"He turned and obediently held out the arm with the watch on it." pg. 37 Persistent-
"He began to shake her head slowly back and forth without looking at her." pg. 45 Indirect~ Setting Tone Mood The setting of the story is a small town in West Virginia. It takes place during the summer time. There is a nearby lake with elegant swans. Miserable "'Charlie, I'll tell you something. This has been the worst summer of my life.'" pg.13 Anxious "'Go outside, Sara. Look! If he's not in the neighborhood, I'm calling the police.'" pg. 69 Conflict The conflict of the story is when Charlie, a mentally ill boy, wanders around the woods by himself, and gets lost in a mysterious, unfamiliar place. The whole town goes on a search to find Charlie. Plot Event #1 In the beginning of the story, Wanda and her friend Frank want to go to the lake to visit the swans. When Aunt Willie finds out that they will be traveling on a motor scooter, she overreacts and forbids Wanda to ride on it. Frank challenges Aunt Willie to ride the motor scooter to test its safety. Sara makes a comment about Aunt Willie's age, promoting her to accept the challenge. Aunt Willie has an exhilarating experience, and agrees to let Wanda ride to the lake on it. Plot Event #2 Sara decides she wants to go to the lake, but Aunt Willie forces her to take Charlie with her. On the way to the lake they stop to visit Sara's friend Mary to see if she wants to go to the lake with them. Sara goes inside the house, leaving Charlie outside by himself. Charlie listens to his watch and then decides to wander into the street. Mary's mom yells to Sara that Charlie is leaving, and Sara chases after him. Plot Event #3 Sara and Charlie arrive at the lake. They feed the swans leftover rolls from dinner. When Sara says its time to leave, Charlie refuses to leave the mystifying swans. Sara allows Charlie to stay for five more minutes. Then they leave and go back to their house. Sara and Wanda chit-chat at their bedtime. They wait and listen to the radio to hear Frank's dedication song to Wanda. Plot Event #4 Charlie's shirt button breaks off and he tries to get the attention of Aunt Willie or Sara. Charlie goes back to his room and looks out the window. He imagines seeing a swan from the lake and goes outside to wait for the swans to go to him. Charlie decided to go to the lake to see the swans. Charlie continues to wander through the woods where he loses his bedroom slipper and gets cut by branches. He realizes he is going the wrong direction and realizes he is lost. Plot Event #5 The next morning, Sara and Aunt Willie wake up to find Charlie missing. Aunt Willie sends Sara out to look for him. Sara guesses that Charlie went out to the lake to visit the swans, and goes, with Mary, to look for him. Sara and Mary fail to find Charlie and they head back to Sara's house. Aunt Willie then proceeds to call the police. Stubborn-
"With his fingers he began to hold the long grass on either side of him as if this would help him if she tried to pull him to his feet." pg. 45 Characters~ Aunt Willie Worrisome-
"'I'm not talking to the police, but that's what I'm going to do when you get back. Now quit wasting time.'" pg. 69 Characters~ Wanda Lovely-
"' I think she's just beautiful. If I could look like anyone in the world, I would want to look like her.'" pg.31 Protective-
"'Wanda's not going anywhere on that motorcycle.'" pg. 25 Defensive-
'"Too old!" She faced Sara with indignation. "I am barely forty years old."' pg. 25 Excited-
"'Frank's going to dedicate a song to me on the Diamond Jim show,' she said." pg.51 Comforting-
"'You wear the same size shoe as Jackie Kennedy Onassis if that makes you feel any better.'" pg. 11 Climax The climax of the story is when Sara hears Charlie crying in the woods. When Sara hears Charlie, the reader can conclude that Charlie is going to be found. Parvene Barimani
Elishia Li
Cynthia Chan
Kaitlyn Iwamoto
Vivian Lee
Hikari Kikuchi Mrs. Braun
Period 5
5/6/13 Resolution The resolution of this story is when Sara and Joe Melby find Charlie in the woods. In the beginning of the story, Sara holds a heavy hatred towards Joe Melby. In the end, Joe earns Sara's trust and they become friends. Sara becomes more trusting and pays more attention to Charlie. Aunt Willie also cares more about Charlie after he is found. Recommendation We do not recommend this book to our friends. For one, this book contains no spectacular vocabulary words. Also, the book is very short and easy to read. Our reading level is significantly higher than this book. The book was also very boring. From the summary of the book, we expect it to be inspirational, but after reading it, we understand that it is merely fiction and holds no rateable life lessons. Figures of Speech #1 Simile
-"It was as if her life was a huge kaleidoscope, and the kaleidoscope had been turned and now everything was changed."(pg.13)This simile means her life is being turned around and is constantly changing. Literally her life is a huge kaleidoscope. Figures of Speech #2 "Honestly, Charlie, you're holding onto the this grubby piece of candy like it was a crown jewel or something. Now, let go."(pg.18) This metaphor means Charlie is holding onto the candy like it is prized jewel. Literally Charlie is gripping the candy as if it depended on his life. Metaphor Figures of Speech #3 Simile Most of the houses were set close together as if huddled for safety... (pg.32). This simile means that the houses were built right next to each other. Literally this means the houses are huddling together as if something was going to pull them apart. Figures of Speech #4 Metaphor "The watch was magic charm whose tiny noise and movements could block out the whole clamoring world."(pg.37) This means that the watch could block out the sounds and the problems in Charlie's life. Literally it means that the watch is magical. Figures of Speech #5 Personification I was out on our porch last Friday and I looked up,and they were coming over the house and they looked so funny,like frying pans with their neck stretched out. (pg.41)This personification means the swans look like the handle of a frying pan. The literal meaning of this sentence is that they look like frying pans with their neck stretched out. Figures of speech#6 Simile His arm gripped her like steel.(pg.126) This simile means that Charlie gripped his sister tightly. The literal meaning is that his arms are made of steel. Plot Event #6 Aunt Willie brings in a picture of Charlie. Sara decides to go on a search for Charlie near the lake. At the lake she meets Joe Melby and accuses him of stealing Charlie's watch and calls him a "fink". Aunt Willie calls Sara's father, Sam. Sara insists that he won't come, and Aunt Willie lectures her on how important family is. Aunt Willie talks about how when you lose someone, you realize how much you miss them and what they really mean to them. Plot Event # 7 Sara goes to Mary's house and passes by a vacant lot where Joe Melby and his friends are playing baseball. Joe approaches and volunteers to help search for Charlie. Sara refuses the offer and accuses him of stealing Charlie's watch. Later, Mary tells Sara the truth about Joe and how he didn't steal the watch. Sara feels ashamed and finally lets him join the search. During the search, Joe Melby finds Charlie's bedroom slipper nearby, and Sara soon feels assured that they will find him. Plot Event #8 Charlie notices that his watch is broken and attempts the fix it. Charlie is unable to fix it and starts to cry because he is lost. As he grows tired, he falls asleep. In the mean time, Sara and Joe constantly yells for Charlie. After hearing Sara's cries, Charlie wails. Sara then finds Charlie in the ravine. Charlie, Sara, and Joe are relieved and they start to head towards home. Plot Event #9 Plot Event #10 Charlie asks Sara to rewind his watch, but it is broken. Joe Melby lends his watch to Charlie until they can fix Charlie's watch. Charlie, Sara, and Joe Melby head home and they see the swans fly overhead. When they get home Charlie is reunited with Aunt Willie and the town. After Charlie is reunited with Aunt Willie Sara goes and talks to Joe. Joe invites Sara to Bennie's party. Sara says yes. After Sara agrees to go to the party, she and Wanda discuss the accusation made about Joe Melby. In the end, Sara's dad calls and says he will wait until the weekend to visit them. Sara takes off her shoes after they are dried and heads over to Bennie's house. Theme: Family will always be there for you. Theme Circles Sara loves and always takes care of Charlie. Sara continues to look for Charlie, even after her unsuccessful first attempt. At the end of the story, Sara finally finds Charlie while looking in the woods. Who Action Effect Bibliography lfabuvm.blogspot.com/2007_11_01_archive.html http://cache.desktopnexus.com/thumbnails/64260bigthumbnail.jpg http://images2.layoutsparks.com/1/96595/radio-music-notes-recorder.png http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lrnnlyLtib1qbecb8o1_500.jpg http://www.cedarburgpolice.com/Web%20Site%20Content%20Files/Graphics/Police-Car.gif http://www.stemtechnews.com/wp-content/images/telephone.jpg http://i01.i.aliimg.com/photo/v0/337773029/Baby_Cartoon_Slipper.jpg http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-WOwZKndAnRk/Te09USGsvtI/AAAAAAAAAE8/f1mMGqGafig/s1600/hugs%252520cartoon.jpg http://www.birando.com/assets/images/Party%20Themes/FreeVector-Party-Silhouettes-Vectors.jpg The Summer of the Swans Characterization "She said, 'I have the biggest feet at my school."' pg.10 Direct~ "'Too old!" She faced Sara with indignation. "I am barely forty years old."' pg.25 Indirect~ "...she remembered a laughing man with black curly hair and a broken tooth..." pg.82 Direct~ "There was no connection at all between this laughing man in the photograph album and the grey sober man who worked in Ohio..."
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