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Presentation of learning

No description

Tianah Zawitkoski

on 13 June 2016

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Transcript of Presentation of learning

Presentation of learning
Presentation Of Learning

Grade 9



Tianah Zawitkoski
Grade 9
MBlock: Mrs Horton
Who am I?
Short term (Gr. 9):

Get straight A's for term 3 (which means getting an "A" in gym) and jump 2'9ft by the end of the year (riding) because I'm riding a green horse
Long term (Life):
Go to McGill Univesity, become a Psychologist, further my riding career, teach riding

Personality/ Learning Styles
Auditory-Kinesthetic Learner:
Hearing, listenining, touching, doing
ESTJ wich means extroverted, sensing, thinking, judging
Investigative and Artistic
Physical Education, Business, and Science
My top motivation factor is Independence

How can this help me?
Knowing my learning styles can help me in many ways:
* More efficient ways to do work
* More ways to study
* If other people know, it could help them help me
* Knowing what jobs I would/wouldn't like in the future
Short Story-English

I believe that this is a very important attribute because to write a short story there is so many things to think about. To name a few:
* A well written story line
* Intriguing sentences/paragraphs
* Character analysis
* A good topic/plot
* A fitting title
* Sophisticated language

Horseback riding, instruments, beach, summer, family, vacations, shopping, showing (horse shows), hanging out at the barn
Horseback riding, cooking, going on vacations,
Scholarship, ribbons (horse show), good grades,
Artifact 1
Artifact 1
I chose collaborator for my second attribute because I wrote my short story with a partner. The most important things about collaboration are:
* Getting along with your partner
* Agreement on a topic
* Both are hard working
* Equal amount of work
* Help each other if needed
Artifact 2
Horse Show Ribbons

I chose collaborator again for this artifact because riding horses is a big partnership. Everything you do involves them and you have to work together to succeed! Some things to collaborate about are:
* Make sure your horse is suitable for your level
* Make sure your discipline is not abusive
* Collaborating with your coach to have a better understanding

Artifact 2
I chose contributor for my second attribute because I feel like some people don't realize how much you have to contribute to horses and how much time and effort it takes. Some things that you're constantly contributing are:
* Money, (horses aren't cheap... feed, your apparel, farrier/vet, horses needs like fly spray, liniment, shampoo etc...)
* Time, you can't just put your horse in the paddock and not tend to them
* Patience, you need a very big amount of patience (living creatures aren't perfect, they make mistakes, waiting for your class to begin at shows)
* Dedication
Activity 1-
I'm going to read a passage from my short story. First you will:
* Listen
* Draw
* Tell

Activity 2-
I'm going to read you another passage and you will do the same before
To sum up, my goal of getting an A in gym means I have to work a little harder. If I do work harder I will become more fit which can help me in becoming a better rider. I continue to do well in my academic courses so I can hopefully get into my university of choice, McGill.
Now I will give you some insight to my short story
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