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Colonial Maryland

All you need to know about Colonial Maryland


on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Colonial Maryland

By: Madeline Evans Colonial Maryland The Founding June 30, 1632 Lord Baltimore Wanting of profit Reason Founded Free Religion In Southern Colonial Region Many Religions, Roman Catholicism Dominant Religion Religious Toleration Economy Farming based on tobacco, wheat, cattle, and hog herding Large Families to Help with Work Around House Daily Life Most Families Farmed for Living Kids Still Played and Made Games like Bobbing for Apples Republican Influence Government Made up of Representatives, a Secretary, and a Proprietor Many Changes Made from Original Government Summary Founded in 1632 By Lord Baltimore Farming, Ship Building, Metal Working, Commerce, Blacksmiths, Steel Workers, Slave Trade, Sailors, Lumbering, Hunters, Fishers, Few Merchants Men did the manual labor, and women did the housework and took care of the infants Mostly Roman Catholic Many different areas of work Southern Colonial Region Families Helped Each Other Republican Based Government Families from Europe would want to live here because there is religious toleration, a good government, and many families live there and help other families out.
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