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T-Shirt Project

No description

Nicholas Lau

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of T-Shirt Project

T-Shirt Sales Campaign
The Crazy Scientists Kristian Kemppainen
Marko Milicevic
Nicholas Lau
Ryan Talanian
Sophie Bakradze
Teresa Tran T-Shirt Design Target Market NU College of Science
2,320 students
80%=1856 (reachable target market)
50%=928 (shirts) Centennial Common
5 hrs/day for 1 week
1pm-6pm Mon-Fri Unit Cost $3.75 + $0.15 = $3.90 Fixed Costs 300 flyers x $0.25 = $75.00
42 hrs x $8.00 = $336.00 Polling Results When: 5 hrs/day
1 week
1pm-6pm Mon-Fri Where: Centennial Common Functions Demand Function Revenue Function Profit Function Optimization Selling Price =$9.00 Cost Function Thank You!
-The Crazy Scientists Team :)
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