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Unique Characteristics, Structure, Style & Content

Iris Yang

on 30 May 2011

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Transcript of Action-Adventure

Action-Adventure There's Always A Hero There's Always A Villian Violence Quest/Mission Forbidding/Exotic Locations Ahhh the charming and invincible protagonists of the novel. The hero in these type of books are always strong, heroic, intelligent, trained and practiclly skilled in many aspects. Many have a sense of duty, and justice as well as determination. They are the characters that everyone is cheering for. In these action-adventure books, There is always a mission or a impossibly hard journey to undertake. Their is mainly a motivation or a emotional goal such as protecting someone, or trying to find/discover something, that drives the hero to complete the journey or quest. When there's a hero, there is almost always a villian that doesnt share the same values as the hero. Since they are fighting and plotting against each other, it makes the novel suspenseful and the main source of the action. Many of the locations, is what makes the book "adventurous". The setting sets the mood as well as the atmosphere. It gives is a more courageous feel as te environment around the charachter is very hazardous Violence is what strengthens and enhances the action and excitement of a novel. It provides more senses, such as touch or visualisation to novel. The physical action, adds to the suspense of the novel. Straightfoward Style Doesn't have any deeper meaning to the story. No need for deep thought. It gets to the point, and specifically states what is happening. Jargon There is sometimes technical language, describing perhaps an organization or different techonology used. Provides more authenticity to the story as well as something secretive like a spy. Structure At the start of action-adventure stories, they always start off slow, and unclimatic. They develop the charachters and build up to the mission/quest. It is towards the middle of the book that is fully action packed!
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