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Utopian Society

No description

george egan

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Utopian Society

Utopian Society
George Egan
No drugs
No murdering
No drinking alcohol under 21
No drinking while driving
No talking back to your parents
No weapons unless your a police officer
No killing
No murdering
No tobacco
You have to play a sport from age 5 to 30
You can have no more then 10 kids
every family has to have a surf board so the family can surf
you can have a dog if you want but no cats
you have to get a job by the age of 20
you have to attend school including colledge
Every 5 years they elect a president and a vice president
There is a man who walks around and makes sure everything is being run correctly there is also a back up
There are 2 banks in the community which are protected by 10 cops each
There is one police station with 50 cops to keep the community safe
There are 3 fire stations and 50 fire fighters in all
1 elementry school
1 high school
100 hundred kids in the elementry school
100 kids in the highschool
you cant drop out of school

you can surf
play sports
swim in the ocean
wind surf
kite board
play on the beach
run around on a playground
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