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Anna Ali

on 1 September 2015

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Transcript of NUCLEAR ENERGY

How Can Nuclear Energy Benefit The Future?
Why We Think Nuclear Energy Is Good For The Present Time
Nuclear Energy has the lowest impact on the enviornment or of any other energy source.
Nuclear energy comes from uranium, a nonrenewable resource.
Nuclear power plants generate about 20% of U.S. electricity, which causes no harm.
Nuclear energy is being used in more than 30 countries around the world.
How has society convinced man that Nuclear Energy is a "Bad Source Of Energy"?
How is Nuclear Energy used?
Nuclear energy is released through fission and fusion and is used to provide energy for trasportation, offices, your house, and maybe even your own school! Here is a list of what nuclear energy is
used for.
How Is It Important to our environment and society?
How is Nuclear Energy Useful?
What is Nuclear Energy?
By: Anna Ali, Muzna Dine, and Mariam Hamki
P.S: Thanks For Listening To Our Side Of The Argument!
Nuclear energy is energy that is released from the nucleus of the atom through fission and fusion. When a nuclear reaction occurs during fission or fusion, it produces large amount of energy. The nucleus is composed of two sorts of particles: the proton which carries the positive charge, and the neutron is neutral. (It is slightly bigger than a proton.)
And even to help doctors make a quick diagnosis for their patients!
Improves nations air quality
A nuclear reactor is a series of machines that can control nuclear fission to produce electricity.
Ciatation: http://www.theenergycollective.com/sites/theenergycollective.com/files/imagepicker/488516/nuclear%20energy.jpg
Nuclear energy is very useful for this present time because:
Advantages of Nuclear Energy
Nuclear Energy is important to our environment and society because it shows modernization. It brings new ideas and a step forward into the future.
It helps reduce greenhouse gasses from damaging the environment.
Society has taught us that the usage of nuclear energy is not a recommended source of energy because it is dangerous if handled incorrectly. However, if you handle this nuclear energy correctly, there won't be as many mishaps (e.g, The Chernobyl Disaster).
It is not the energy source that is "bad", it is the people who use it.
If handled correctly, there will be less possible chances for a mishap to occur.
It MUST be used with caution, or society will call it, "pollution" or "a bad source of energy"
Nuclear power provides about 11% of the world's electricity, and 21% of electricity in OECD countries.
What machine controls nuclear fission and fusion?
Source: http://45nuclearplants.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Nuclear_Plant-orig.gif
Nuclear energy can help benefit the future in these following reasons:
The nuclear energy industry can help open up new jobs which may increase the economy in the future.
They help new ideas flourish for more ways of energy.
It is more proeficient than fossil fuels which are nonrenewable and very limited, so we
won't run out of energy in the future.
Nuclear energy is a very reliable source of energy
even in harsh weather
and can be produced 24/7!
It is powerful and efficient, unlike some traditional energy sources.
Many countries are putting big investments in for nuclear energy, even though at the present time...a small portion of the world's electricity comes from it.
It decreases almost half of greenhouse gas emmisions.
There is a low fuel cost because there isn't that much Uranium neccessary to produce energy.
It provides easy transportation!
It has made advances towards the future and in general, is a great foot ahead for tomorrow.
-Anna, Mariam, and Muzna
In conclusion, nuclear energy is something new, something that opens up new doors to modern advances...a new step into the future. It can be dangerous, but nothing truly isn't. Nuclear energy is quick and efficient, and it has many advantages. It isn't a "bad source of energy". This is our side to this argument.
Nuclear energy is a quick and reliable source of energy...while traditional energy sources have to be shut down because of severe weather or other maintence issues.
Nuclear energy only uses a low amount of uranium- a nonrenewable element. So, it isn't very costly.
It does not pollute the air or produce greenhouse gasses.
Nuclear plants can be built in urban or rural areas.
Nuclear energy is useful because:
This is our side of the debate to the question: Is Nuclear Energy "bad"?
How is it important?
How can it help now and the future?
Nuclear energy is America's largest source of clean-air, carbon-free electricity, producing no greenhouse gases.
Clean electricity can make cars very clean.
Nuclear energy has one of the lowest impacts on the enviroment of any energy source because it doesn't make air pollution. Instead, it isolates the waste from the enviroment and only needs a small amount of land.
Nuclear energy has a role in the enviroment. Its role is to provide clean energy for economic development around the world.
* Nuclear power plants generate about 20% of U.S. electricity.

* Nuclear energy is very cheap and reliable.

* Nuclear energy is one of America's lowest-cost electricity sources.
Which Countries Use Nuclear Energy?
How long does it take to build a nuclear power plant?
As nuclear power plants are typically expected to take 5 to 7 years to build a large nuclear unit. In comparison, large coal plants can be built in about 4 years, while the construction time for natural gas fired plants is around 3 years.
Today, sixteen countries use nuclear energy!
Three quarters of Frances electricity depends on nuclear energy! Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovenia and Ukraine, on the other hand, get about one third or more. Italy and Denmark use about 10% nuclear energy. USA, UK, Spain, Romania, and Russia almost 1/5th nuclear. Finally, Japan uses 25%.
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