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Our Students

No description

Nicole Macy-Robertson

on 9 January 2017

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Transcript of Our Students

-set short term goals
-celebrate small victories
-seek out motivated people
Our Students
Working together to support their complex communication needs
Breaking Down Barriers
-Physical Access -Language
-Curriculum -Tools
-Knowledge -Funding
-Technology -Personal Boundaries
-Attitudes -Misperceptions
Our Student Teams
-Teacher -Teacher Assistants
-Nurses -SLP
-AT -AT Consultant
-Parents -Social Worker
-Counselor -Administrators
-Vision Itinerant -Psychologist
Problem Solver
-Avoid admiring problems
-Offer suggestions/action
-report problems immediately and repeatedly
4 Functions of Language
-Expressing Needs/Wants
-Exchanging Information
-Social Closeness
-Social Etiquette
Augmentative & Alternative Communication-AAC
-All forms or communication that
enhance or supplement speech and
-Temporary or permanent compensation for individuals with
expressive communication disorder

Why we do what we do?
Reading>>New ideas/words
Writing>>>Expression of self
CBE>>>Shared experiences


AT has the powerful potential of impacting significantly on a student
by contributing to his or her
-Self Esteem
-Quality of Life
-Team relationships
-Student expectations
-Student communication attempts
-Be the OWL
-Build foundations for
future success
3E Love is a disability awareness company founded by
Annie and Stevie Hopkins and their friends and family.
3E Love's Wheelchair Heart is a symbol of acceptance,
love and strength. It embraces difference, it educates the
unaware and it empowers and unifies people of all abilities.
The symbol represents real people and real life instead of
perceptions and stereotypes. 3E Love is about loving and
living life to the fullest no matter what you can or cannot do.
Assistive Technology-AT
Any tool or device that a student
with a disability uses to do a
task that he or she could not
otherwise do without it
tool that a student uses to do
a task more easily, faster or in
a better way.
Push Your Boundaries
-break old habits
-explore technology
-expect more from
yourself & students
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