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Lindt and Sprungli Chocolate

A presentation about the line of chocolate and history of Lindt and Sprungli Chocolate (Lindt)

Nicky Hook

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Lindt and Sprungli Chocolate

A world wide chocolate company. Lindt & Sprungli A Brief History of Lidnt & Sprungli Lindt and Sprungli was originally just Sprungli. It was a tiny chocolate bakery in the city of Zurich. It was one of the first places in the world to sell chocolate as a confection, not a drink. The tiny business was a huge hit, and became a small factory just two years later. The owner of this store was a man called Rudolf Sprüngli-Ammann. After a few more years, Rudolf handed the factories to his two sons, and the stores continued to expand from there. In 1899, Sprungli bought out their main competitor, Lindt. Since Lindt was easier to say than Sprungli, most people just call the Lindt & Sprungli stores Lindt. After the world wars, Lndt was in huge demand, so the company expanded to all over europe. And just kept going and going. Now, Lindt has stores in over 100 countries! The Goods & Services Lindt provides a large number of different chocolate related products. Depending on which store you are at, the products may vary. Lindt provides; ice creams, macaroons, cakes, Lindor balls, chocolate Easter bunnies, pralines, truffles, chocolate sundaes, drinks, blocks of chocolate, the Exellence range and the new Lindt Drinking Chocolate. Where Lindt & Sprungli make their Chocolate and Sell It. Lindt chocolate is sold in many different places. Mainly chocolate shops, Lindt Cafes and supermarkets. In the cafes, chocolate desserts, drinks and parlines are all made in their own private kitchen, on site. Blocks of chocolate, lindor balls, bunnies and exellence are all made in Lindt factories. These stores and factories are located in Australia, England, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Spain, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Austria, America, Alaska, South Africa, Turkey, Japan, China and the original location of Lindt & Sprungli, Switzerland! Interesting Facts Biography http://www.lindt.com.au/swf/eng/home/
http://www.google.com/images - The original Sprungli Chocolate bakery is still open, and is now a popular tourist destination.
- Classes at the Lindt Cafes are now available, where you can learn how to make your own customized chocolate.
- Lindt has now launched a series of chocolate based recipes for people at home to make, for free! (But you need Lindt chocolate)
- Lindt was the first chocolate connoisseur to use the method of fondant. This idea was then passed onto chocolate connoisseurs worldwide.
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