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Standards 1 and 6

No description

Mrs. Ireland

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Standards 1 and 6

TK - 1st
Easily work between equations, words, diagrams and pictures to demonstrate solutions to problems.
Singapore Bar Model
4th Grade
5th Grade
3rd Grade
Teacher creates a classroom environment that is safe for students to articulate and share different ways of solving a problem.
Word Problems
Rely on other students' thinking to solve complex problems.
Understand the ideas of others
ex. Students display different ways of showing a mixed number.
Rely on concrete manipulatives
Standard 1
-Make sense of problems
-Persevere in solving
Standard 6
-Attend to precision
Student can explain problem in their own words.
Word clues
2nd Grade
Standards 1 and 6

What these mean?
Communicate effectively.
"Use your fraction vocabulary to explain...
"What did you mean by that?"
"Can you explain a bit more?"
Attending to precision.
* Label the whole when demonstrating fractions (Pictures can be ambiguous)
Attend to Precision:
Sentence frames to explain and produce academic language.
Attend to Precision:
*Encourage and correct academic vocabulary, but remember, you are the native speaker.
Standards 1 and 6
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