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Music Video Conventions, Techniques and Styles

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Stephen Gooch

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of Music Video Conventions, Techniques and Styles

Music Video Conventions, Techniques and Styles
By Stephen Gooch
Music Conventions
Lyric interpretation
It is when the music video relates or follows the lyrics of the song. This helps the viewer to understand what the artist is saying and what point they want to get across.
Extending or consolidating song's meaning
It is when the music video gives the lyrics a deeper meaning. This means that the audience will be watching something that relates to the lyrics, but shows a stronger meaning.
Focus on performer
It is when the music video only shows the artist singing and performing. This shows the audience the skills and personalities the artist has.

Lighting for mood
This is when the lighting suites the mood of the lyrics. For example if the song is happy, then the lighting should be bright. This gives the video more effect for the audience and video.

Pace of cuts
This is when the frames cut at a speed depending on the pace of the song. This means that the video keeps up with the song and the cuts make the song suit the video better. For example, if the mood of the song was happy and the video was cutting slow then the video would not suit the song.
Music Styles
This is when the music video tells a story. For example in Michael Jackson's Thriller it told a story about him and his girl. They made the video a narrative to make the viewer follow the words of the song and what the song is about. I think they got the story across very well by using different lighting, people and the cuts

This is when the music video is more about the mood and atmosphere than the meaning.For example Christina Perri's A Thousand Years was quite dark and the light was only on the artist which suited the song. It was also showing the mood of the song instead of a meaning. I think they got the mood across very well because of the lighting and the pace of cuts.
This is when the music video directly interprets the lyrics of the song but in a visual way. For example Mr.C The Slide Man's Cha Cha Slide directly interprets the lyrics of the song. The video is people dancing and following what the Mr.C is saying in the lyrics. I think the video has been done well because it makes the viewer remember the song and it makes you watching to dance because you are watching people dance
This is when the music video has weird imagery or seems unconnected with the song. This is often used in videos for instrumental songs and dance tracks. For example the music video to Swedish House Mafia's Don't You Worry Child does not relate to the lyrics. I think that the reason why it is showing them perform is to show the viewer how popular they are.

This is when someone has done a affectionate or positive copy or tribute to another artists work. It could be a media genre or product like a TV program or film etc. For example in Alvin And The Chipmunks 2 they did a copy of shake you groove thing by Peaches and Herb. This will also increase the song and artist's popularity as a large number of people will watch this film.
This is when the music video is mocking another persons work. For example Bart Baker made a parody of problem by Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea.

Music techniques
Use of special effects such as green screen.
Tony Christie feat. Peter Kay, (Is This The Way to) Amarillo. It is used to to show different locations. I think this video is done well because it looks like he is walking down places but really he is on a tread mill and behind him is a green screen

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean. It is used to show expressions and body language of two people at the same time.
Cutting to the beat
LMFAO - Sexy and I Know It. It is used to show the beat of the song and shows the audience the mood. This is done well because all the frames cut to the beat. If they didn't then the video would not suit the song.

Miming and lip syncing
Listen To The Man - George Ezra. It is used to make someone appear that they are singing. I think the miming is done well because he is singing time to the song.


A-ha - Take On Me. It is use to tell a story and to make the video different from others. I think this video is done well because the animation follows the story of the song.
In Concert Footage
I Will Wait - Mumford & Sons. This shows that the artist does not need a fancy video to make it effective. It also shows many people in a concert which means it shows that they are popular.
As live Performer
Budapest - George Ezra. This is used to show how talented he is and how he just uses his guitar to make a good beat and song. I think this video was done well because it is focused on Ezra performing.
Linking to other artists
God only knows - BBC Music. It links other artists by showing other artists singing. This means the viewer sees more people singing and their talent, which means it can increase popularity for the artists.
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