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Lesson 24 Robust Vocabulary

2nd Grade Storytown

Leslie Dungan

on 21 March 2012

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Transcript of Lesson 24 Robust Vocabulary

extinct pledge patience tedious blended cradled raggedy distance personalities crumpled Lesson 24
Robust Vocabulary START When something is boring and takes a long time to do, it is tedious. Synonym antonym The characters in that play are funny. The dodo died out many years ago. Dad held the baby in his arms. Kamaya made a promise to clean up the kitchen. Roy sang the tiresome song over and over. a word that means the same, or almost the same, as another word a word that means the opposite of another word If an animal is extinct, there are no more of that kind of animal alive. When you make a pledge, you promise to do something. If you can wait for someone or something without complaining or getting restless, you have patience. When things are blended, they are mixed together so you can't tell there are separate parts. If you cradle something, you hold it closely as if you were taking care of it. If you crumple something, you gently crush it or bunch it up. When something is raggedy, it looks rough and torn at the edges, like a rag. Distance is how far away something is. People's personalities are made up of all the ways they act, think, and feel that make them special. Jane didn't mind the tedious job of taking notes on everything the chimps were doing. When I have to do a tedious job, I play music that I like. What do you do when you have a tedious job to do? The great apes are in danger of becoming extinct. I know that the dodo bird is extinct. Would you be more likely to see an extinct animal at a museum or at a zoo? Why? What do you consider to be raggedy clothing? Would you get rid of a favorite shirt if it became raggedy? Why or why not? Would you rather visit someone who lives close to your home, or someone who lives a distance away? Why? What stores are good to have only a short distance from home? Why? Do the following statements have to do with traveling a short distance or a long distance?
It took 10 minutes to get to school.
Sometimes, we drive for hours in the car.
It's a quick trip to the grocery store.
I fell asleep on the way to my cousin's house. Do the following statements describe something that is crumpled or raggedy?
a dancer's top hat
torn jeans
recently pressed pants
pieces of wrinkled paper Twenty countries have made a pledge to save the great apes. Jane shows patience when she watches the chimps for hours. I have patience with children because I like being with them. Is it easier to have patience while waiting for your TV show to begin or while waiting for someone to shop? Would it taste good if you blended peanut butter and broccoli? Why or why not? If someone said you blended into the environment, what might you be wearing? Why do both babies and puppies need to be cradled? Would you rather be with people who have quiet or noisy personalities? Explain. Do you prefer your school clothes crumpled or neatly pressed? Explain. Do you think you will need more patience because the following tasks are tedious?
running a race
untangling shoelace knots
answering math questions
finding a book to read personalities became extinct cradled pledge tedious Erin's impatience kept her from learning how to tie her shoes. patience The drink separated into two liquids. blended Myra's neat haircut looked nice. raggedy The nearness of her job made it easy for Ms. Tent to get there. distance John's shirt was clean and pressed. crumpled The End
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