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Italian laws pro-families

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Lorenzo Mussita

on 27 June 2014

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Transcript of Italian laws pro-families

Italian laws pro-families
Recognize citizenship to foreign people born in Italy
According to Istat (the Italian statistical istitute which carries out surveys and analyses) there are more than five million immigrants in Italy. Many children of these immigrants were born in Italy and grew up together with Italian children, so must we consider them italians? To garantee the citizenship to people born in Italy by foreign couples, some little requirements have been extended. The law hasn't been carried out yet, but soon it will be, indeed 17 new laws aimed at changing the rules on citizenship and they have lots of supporters.
Building reconstructions
The Legislative Decree n. 69 dated 21 June 2013 concerns the property renovation.
It makes easier the intervention in the construction industry because it semplifies the processes to change the external shape of existing buildings. And this is possible if these buildings are not built in places of historical interest.
This norm can also be applied for the total reconstruction of a building in different shapes and makes the building intervention faster, with benefits on employment and investments. Loans to builders from banks are also made easier.
"Modello 730"
There is something new from the Parliament: the people who get their income from an employee/worker job can use “modello 730” in absence of a company/ employer/ state agency that levels up.
The person who is going to have a statement of debt, will give the money due through the Income Revenue Authority services, or within the tenth day before the expiring day, he will deliver the F24 form already compiled to the contributor. If the statement is of a credit, the Finance Administration will refund the titular.
If the statement is of a credit, the Finance Administration will repay the holder. The model will be available from the next 2nd to 30th September.
Certificates of pregnancy will be transmitted only online.The law ratifying the “Decreto del fare” (Decree of Making) has introduced important innovations on electronic communication to INPS of certificate of pregnancy.The law introduced the obligation for a National Health Service physician or delegate to transmit electronically to INPS the certificate of pregnancy with the expected birth date, certification of child's birth or pregnancy interruption.This disposition is not effective immediately: it will be an interministerial decree of Labour, Health, Economy department to establish, within 6 months, the mode of communication of these information. The obligations in force remain up to that date.
Medical history
The Electronic Health Record provides with physicians a medical global vision of individuals/ patients.
Every citizen has that dossier with their clinical history.
The Decree-Law 69 of 2013 states that the consent or objection to organ donation must be expressed in the ESF.
The conseguence is the increase of clinical care.
Another important aspect is the respect for privacy.
The main information of a patient is: hospitalization, outpatient specialistic visits, medicines, residential care, home care, access to the Emergency Room.
Mediation pool/ role of the mediator in a condominium
Disputes between apartment buildings have always been frequent, why the Italian state has reached an agreement concerning mediation pool. The mediator is a figure that, unlike the administrator is not required to be at the meetings of condominium, and comes in the case of lack in agreement. With the “Legge condominiale” has become compulsory to demonstrate the presence of a mediator to preside the causes of condo. It may also be the administrator, subject to a resolution of the condos with the majority of votes in favour. The fundamental role of this figure is to ensure the effective operation of an assembly, with the specific task of putting the deadline for the examination of the conciliatory proposal in the absence of agreement among the participants.
Mediation in division of inheritance
In the division of the inheritance between relatives disputes about the amounts to be shared are very frequent. For this reason comes into plays the role of mediator, which has the task of solving the tough situation that has arisen. First he tries to reactive the communication between the various stakeholders, listening to the needs of all. Second proposes several situations that follows the various need of stakeholders. Later attempts to find an agreement between all the receivers of the inheritance. It is in this point that we discover the true convenience of this figure, both as regards the time, as, above all, regards the money, in fact at the end, will cost less than a normal process. As a final point of it purpose was to re-establish the degree of relationship between those who are part of the cause as soon as resolved.
Energy, Internet & Traffic laws
Some new laws have been approved in Italy in favour of the citizen and the State at the same time.
Different topics are concerned such as some changes in the traffic laws. Infact now you can
get a 30% discount on some fines if paid within 5 days from the notification and when they are not penal fines. This law does not include fines for driving when you are drunk and fines that involve the driving licence withdrawal.
Another topic is the technological development of the country. A free wifi connection must be installed in all public places. The State also grants a PEC service that allows to send emails with a legal value such as a registered letter.
In saving energy matter, the State guarantees a 50% incentive if you buy electrical appliances that save energy. Moreover, if you restore the facade of your house, improving thermic isolation, you will get a refund ranging from 20% to 65%.
Extension of mortgages ahead of time & renegotiating of debits
From 2 February 2007 it have been reset penalties for extinguishment of the mortgage and of loans for the acquisition and/or renovation of buildings.

Changes have been made regarding the renegotiation of the mortgage.
When you say renegotiation of the loan, you mean changing certain contractual clauses, for example the residual duration of the refund or the type of rate applied.
There are some requirements dor making a renegotation:
the original loan must not exceed 150,000 euros
the request must come from families who have an annual income over EUR 30,000 and not have had delays in the payment of instalments.
Benefits for young couples
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