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Complying with Employment Standards Laws [Shared]

No description

Prezitime Design

on 19 July 2016

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Transcript of Complying with Employment Standards Laws [Shared]

Complying with Employment Standards Laws
Training Thursdays
Thursday July 21, 2016
9:00AM to 9:30AM EST
Complying with
Employment Standards Laws
Webinar Overview
Discuss the top violations discovered during employment standards workplace inspections
Examine best practices to ensure your organization’s overall compliance
Practical and precise employment law solution
Employer’s fail to comply by not…
Establishing daily, weekly, and maximum hours of work limits
Providing overtime pay to non-exempt employees
Obtaining written agreements with employees regarding overtime
ESA Compliance in Numbers
17,453 complaints investigated
2,477 targeted inspections
Vacation Pay and Vacation Time
Thursday August 18th – 9:00AM to 9:30AM
The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act: What you need to know & do
Next Webinar
Practical and precise employment law solution
Thank You for Attending!
Employer’s fail to comply by not…
Treating vacation pay and vacation time as two separate entitlements
Listing vacation pay accruals on pay-stubs
Establishing proper vacation policies and practices
Public Holidays
Employer’s fail to comply by not…
Having written agreements for employees who work on public holidays
Properly calculating public holiday pay
Applying the ‘last and first’ rule
Employers fail to comply by…
Assuming the ESA is the only entitlement to notice of termination and severance pay
Not understanding the ESA’s ‘just cause’ standard
Failing to consider temporary lay-offs
Best Practices – Employee Induction
Have Employment Contracts, which include:
Information about the standard workweek
Expectations about public holiday, hours of work, overtime and overtime pay
Clarity about entitlement and management of vacation time and vacation pay
Termination and Lay-off clause
Copies of ESA poster and hours of work/overtime information sheet
Best Practices – Ongoing Compliance
Penalties & Fines:
2,732 Convictions (2006 to 2012)
Fines of $295 to $500,000
Hours of Work and Overtime
Prominently displayed ESA poster
Workplace job classifications
Records of:
Hours worked for non-exempt employees (3 years)
Vacation time accrued and taken (3 years)
Vacation pay paid (3 years)
Wage statements (3 years)
Legislative Changes
Tips and Gratuities (June 10, 2016)
No withholding or deductions from
Minimum wage (October 1, 2016)
General minimum wage increases from $11.25 to $11.40
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